Green Lung - The Heathen Land

'THIS HEATHEM LAND' is an ambitious endeavor to "create the ultimate soundtrack for the folk horror film in our minds," according to the band's vocalist, Tom Templa. Green Lung immerses itself fully in a compelling narrative, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout. The album stands out for its piercing guitars, organ counterpoints, and adept use of vocals and melodies, achieving an epic sound influenced by Queen's 'Queen2.'


'Prologue' sets the stage for 'The Forest Church' with Sabbath-inspired riffs and a touch of 70s heavy rock. 'Mountain Throne' and 'Maxine (Witch Queen)' offer catchy hooks, while 'One for Sorrow' seamlessly combines elements of depression with proto-doom and symphonic metal. The exploration of dark folk with traditional undertones characterizes 'Song of the Stones,' providing a captivating interlude amid the preceding energetic tracks.


Following the more relaxed tone of the previous track, 'The Ancient Ways' introduces pure heavy-metal riffs that captivate listeners, paying homage to the past with meticulous melodies driven by compelling riffs. 'Hunters in the Sky' draws from Stoner influences, creating a diabolical crusade within the realm of orthodox heavy rock. Throughout, the album maintains a high quality, never faltering in its musical proof.


Closing this notable work is 'Oceans of Time,' a composition that ends with a slow introduction, giving way to vocals and choruses reminiscent of Queen. Exploring the theme of vampiric love, the track unfolds with monumental tones, showing the influence of Queen's intricate compositions on Green Lung's musical landscape.