Ephedra - B-Side Can´-Ka No Rey

The best way to capture Ephedra´s Power is to record them live with a pitched velocity and without klick for the drums. So it happened and "B-Side Can´- Ka No Rey" is the result. "Pink Socket" kicks off with a full fuzzy bass to turn for a heavy riffed midtempo tune in a K2B-style, in with the dominating drums bundles the sheer power of all the riffs and hooks. The massive opening riff of "Mani Vulgaria" overlays a halftime drumming, which turns into a wonderful headbanging part, superseded by the main riff, just to take a short breath within a "Whitewater"-like part. Powerful and unpredictible song.

The song "Leatherface" is the cocktail of Ephedra´s members side projects: a pinch of Punk, Doom, Stoner and Metal, banned in a three minute song. "Maracuja" is up to now the simpliest song, but the lead break after two minutes deserves to listen this song entirely. And the EP closes with "Father Kyuss". Needless to say what you will find in the song... A bit of "Rodeo", a bit of "One inch man", a bit of "Caterpillar". But beware of thinking that this song is just a cheap copy of these mentioned songs, this song is Ephedra´s interpretation of what a Kyuss song could be. And again I have to praise these outstandig compositions with their special blended songs. Just imagine: these guys released 30 songs in their unique style and sound and none of them is boring or just crap. Chapeau!! 10/10

Yeah, a captured live sound and live feeling, a timeless production and no fillers deserves the Ace of Spades for this EP.