Color Haze - We are Color Haze

It is not just a band, it´s an institution. A band which is tagged many times for other bands and a band that unites ze german musical heritage of the late 60´s and early 70´s which means more for foreign bands than to us. First of all I appreciate the warm and natural production of this record. It gives you the feeling of getting witnessed of a meeting in their rehearsal room. 

Take care for the track list: (1.) We are (2.) The real (3.) Life

4. Material Drive represents the hiatus in musical style and the lyrical red thread.

(5.) I´m with you (6.) Be with me leads to (7.) Freude III

"We are" opens the record with a couple of complexe and rocking rhythms, a well fuzzed guitar and warm groovy basslines in the background.  This song became immediatly one of my favorites.

"The Real" leads you through a four minute jam to an epic bridge, spoken lyrics, jazzy and fusion breaks to heavy riffing. This song reminds me on soundtracks for early 70´s science-fiction movies. The ballad "Life" could also be an outtake of some old Mountain records. Stefan´s voice turned from warm and tender to rough and aggressive and a fantastic trippy jam with duelling guitars closes this fantastic song. 

The contradiction between the flowing progressive folk song "Material Drive" and the  lyrical statement cannot be bigger and that´s magic of this catchy song. "I´m with you" drowns you in a dense cloud of fuzzed guitar, warm bass and organ. But first follow the mantra of the lyrics through a jam with swirling guitar melodies until ..... Let you surprise in the last two minutes of this song. "Be with me" turns from a folk song with jazzy drumming and tender flutes to a rude fusion rock. "Freude III" is full of swirling kaleidoscopic guitar and keyboard figures along syncopic drumming, spiced with analog samples. It takes time to comprehend all the parts of this composition.

It takes time to detect all the pieces of this musical puzzle to appreciate it in its entirely. But when you´re fixed with this classy compositions, you will not get rid of it. A great production, combined with great musical skills, with a fine and sensitive flair of their musical heritage.