17 years of Sound of Liberation, 06-10 & 06-11-2022, Backstage Munich, around 1200 spectators

"Back in 2005, Sound of Liberation started as a one man company with the passion for independent and underground heavy music." This passion turned throughout the following years to an impressive rooster of bands which are institutions on all kind of heavy music festivals around the world, no matter if it is a pure Stoner Festival or a pure Heavy Metal Festival, some of these bands play across Europe and the World. Additionally, SOL created Festivals like the DesertFest in Berlin - which was founded in 2014 -, and the co-festival in London, and the autumn editions in Antwerp and New York. Further, the Munich based "Keep it low"-Festival and the Z7-based "Up in Smoke", both established in 2013, the co-organisation of "Stoned from the Underground" etc., Sound of Liberation is an institution which unites the mid-50-generation which grew up with Classic Rock and Heavy Metal and the mid-20-generation which are in relaxed and heavy sounds or grunge or other dropped sounds. Of course, it´s business on one side, on the other side SOL creates an unique community with former Metalheads, Punks, Grunge Fans etc. This community meets and celebrate with each other on each and every festival around Europe. 

Artist rooster Sound of Liberation

Festival Ambience

Fu Manchu and Yawing Man cancelled their appearance on that festival, maybe due financial reasons which are covered by the fear of getting Covid on concerts. Tobias Forge (Ghost)is honest enough to tell what most of the bands hide.

Concert Impressions

We had a family trip to this festivat, to meet a lot of friends and bands personally, we have been blown away by Monkey3, My Sleeping Karma, Toundra and The Villagers of Ioannina City. Between the concerts we took care for our grandson, all of our family menbers and to support the bands by buying a lot of shirts and patches. It was a unique experience for all our family because they recognized us as a part of this desert and stoner scene.