The Spacelords - Nectar of the Gods

The 'Space Lords' are back with a new cosmic epic, featuring four extraordinary songs of heavy instrumental psychedelia. Their unique music blends Stoner elements and various effects, creating a hypnotic and immersive journey through the cosmos. Their music, crafted over a decade, reaches new astral heights, captivating listeners with its devotional joy and creativity. Relax and enjoy this captivating 'journey.'

'Nectar Of The Gods' introduces the new album by German psychonauts with devotional chants and cosmic-tinged psychedelia. The track slowly evolves into a meditative, celestial journey through distant galaxies. 'Endorphine High' offers a cosmic ride with post-rock elements and soothing harmonies. 'Mindscapes' features tribal drums and takes the listener on an expansive journey through celestial psychedelia with intense solos. 'Lost Sounds Of Lemuria' is the album's highlight, a 14-minute celestial trance featuring Jens Eberhard on the Fender Rhodes organ, enhancing the cosmic music.


This album deserves an "Inferno" due the precision in timing and songwriting, the capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.