Truckfighters & Wizzerd & Deadly Vipers, 19/3/2023, Munich Backstage Halle

Deadly Vipers from Perpignan/France opened this evening and we were stoked about the incredible clear and powerful voice, the soundscapes they created and the drive and the breaks and the diversity of styles within one song. Their concert passed almost too fast to understand and appreciate all the facets in their compositions. We couldn´t know at this stage in the evening that this performance was the best one tonight.

The next surprise followed: Wizzerd from Montana/US. The next awesome voice. Jhalen Salazar just nailed it and we forgot to take some reasonable pictures. It wasn´t only Doom, it wasn´t only Stoner or jamming; this band obviously broke the boundaries between the usual suspect genres. It didn´t matter what they played or what song they played: both voices fit perfectly together and to their songs. Not to mention their stage acting and stage filling. An absolutely brilliant concert and another band deserving attention.

It is impossible to write something about a Truckfighters concert which was not written before. Maybe that the audience only waits for "Desert Cruiser" and the band has to work hard on stage to achieve this song? I have a lot of Truckfighters songs on several playlists and I cut the jams off the songs to have a really good 3 minutes song. But on stage it´s completely different: to see these three guys headbanging, jumping and banging on their instruments and not missing the timing and the breaks is still fascinating although I saw them many times. And no matter who´s playing drums with them: it was always a teeth-sweating maniac behind a basic drum-kit who makes a lot of noise and a lot of driving power. 

Yes, the played "Desert Cruiser" like Motörhead had to play "Overkill" and "Ace of Spades".