Howl at the Sky - In Line of the End Times

Howl at the Sky - "In Line for the End Times": A Powerful Fusion of Metal and Rock


"Howl at the Sky" from Cincinnati, Ohio, presents an impressive blend of metal and rock with their latest album, "In Line for the End Times." Their sound and concept competes with their homies of Valley of the Sun, concerning groove and heaviness. This album promises to captivate the ears of listeners. But it's not just the music that impresses; the artwork featured on their Bandcamp page is of exceptional quality and aesthetic value.

Howl on the Sky delivers a powerful and captivating sound on "In Line for the End Times." The band has seamlessly merged the heavy elements of metal with the raw energy of rock. From the first note, the music fills the room with an intense atmosphere.

A highlight of the album is undoubtedly the impressive groove that resonates through each track. The rhythms are infectious, inviting head-nodding, while the guitar riffs hypnotize listeners into a trance-like state. 

Notably, Howl at the Sky exhibits versatility throughout the album. They master both the art of explosive metal outbursts and the subtler nuances of rock with a pinch of fuzzed Stoner Rock. The band excels at bringing together the best of these worlds, creating a sound that appeals to headbangers and rock enthusiasts alike. "In Line for the End Times" is an album that combines both aggression and melody, offering a refreshing approach to metal and rock. Howl at the Sky has delivered an impressive performance, translating their musical vision in an uncompromising yet accessible manner.

In conclusion, "In Line for the End Times" is an album that will appeal to both metal and rock fans. Howl at the Sky has created a record that shouldn't be missed, with its mix of powerful groove, intense atmosphere, and outstanding songwriting


This album deserves an "Overkill" because it unites different musical styles, a good production and no fillers. And of course an outstanding artwork.