Maximum Festival 9/4/2023, day #2

one horse band

He was, is and will be the fastest, dirtiest and meanest one-man-band in the universe. The horse presented us psychobilly, garage rock and garage punk, while playing drums and guitars and singing at the same time. We saw Vurro, the Spanish edition of a one-man-band, but the horse was pure Rock´n Roll


Milano´s space- and psychrock-masters Giöbia opened the second day at the out stage and it was simply amzing to hear all the different sounds and tones coming out of this band. It was a painted soundscape with different layers of effects and tones which fitted organically together. In my opinion, this band could install a kind of visual projection on their banner.


If you want to shorten the time to wait for another Queens of the Stone Age album, you can skip and switch to Alix. And I bet, you will stay with them. Alice´s vocals sound between heaven and space and far away from this world, like another instrument, Gianni and Andrea pushed and grooved permanently forward. This band sounds like QOTSA wished to sound from the beginning up to now. Don´t miss Alix. Fantastic group and concert.

the sade

This band was one the countless reasons to travel to Italy. The Sade impressed me with their powerful and melodic blend of Gothic, New Wave and Hardrock. This band spreads a special aura on stage; you cannot escape those catchy melodies and vocal lines despite all their coolness on stage. The lights fitted perfectly to their music and I felt back in 1985 when I heard The Sisters of Mercy for the first time. Fantastic concert.

body void & ovo

Body Void did the Primitive Men Screamo, Sludge and Doom and Death in one song for half an hour. The trio really pushed a nuclear power and rage from the stage.

Haven´t thought that oVo is that famous, with a worldwide good reputation in the ambient Black Metal scene with around 1000 shows within 20 years. Both bands weren´t my musical orientation, but worth to see them perform.