Duel - Live at Hellfest

One of the few clever bands in the world who took the decision to record a live record at Hellfest´s Valley, the stage with the best stage sound, the best light and the best live sound at the whole Hellfest. I wonder myself since my first visit of the Hellfest in 2011, why nobody does a live record with this incredible good live sound? Best example: Kadaver records sound like sh*t, Kadaver at the Hellfest sounds like another band. 

One week before Duel played at the Valley, they played at the "Freak Valley Festival" in Germany and despite the nicety of this festival, Hellfest offers countless possibilities to record a live record and you play in front of 5-10.000 people early the day. Quite another motivation to perform at another level. Ok, it is just a 30min long pleasure to listen to this band, but it helps you to bridge the gap for the next release of Duel.


1.Wave your Hand; 2. Devil; 3. Electricity; 4. Strike and Disappear; 5. Children of the Fire; 6. Fears of the Dead


An album rated with "The Golden Years" captured raw energy, precise drumming and an authentic sound produced with few means. It was the first time to see Duel live on stage and they really put the missing 10% in speed, dirt, fuzz and energy in each and every song. Not too much of all these factors, exactly well dosed. And this record is the same appetizer like the "Golden Years EP" for a full live record.