Kadavar, Studio Livestream, Berlin, 03-21-2020

An insight gig from Berlin based Kadavar´s studio or rehearsal room was streamed shortly after some countries lockdown via facebook and still it´s available on youtube.

Actually, they acted like always on stage: they came, plugged their instruments in and started to play. The first contacted  the spectators after the third song, as they always do during their live concerts. The band acted as they always do on stages, "Tiger" acted like the Animal from the Muppets Show, "Dragon" and "Lupus" only need 5 square-meters to pose, same as on every concert we saw them, for example Hellfest 2014 & 2015, Backstage Munich 2015 and the Helldorada in 2018. 

Actually, they almost avoided to speak to the spectators so we could just follow a kind of rehearsal. The band played a sterile performance with no live atmosphere, just music for around 11.000 followers and the including possibility to buy some merch and do a donation.

The concert didn´t touch me due to the large human distance the band kept during the concert. The band had the opportunity for a "virtual meet and greet" and they didn´t use this unique opportunity. I followed the concerts and the comments and there was no response on what the followers posted. So it was a usual Kadavar concert: musically perfect with a large personal distance that didn´t left an emotion.

The difference between the written and the spoken word is the transferred emotions. If you hear the same as you can read in the left collumn, it touches you during a strange and sad time.