Valley of the Sun - Old Gods


1. Old Gods

2. All We Are
3. Gaia Creates
4. Dim Vision
5. Shiva Destroys
6. Firewalker
7. Into the Abyss
8. Faith is for Suckers
9. Buddha Transcends
10. Means the Same
11. Dreams of Sands

Actually, this record starts with "Dim Vision", songs like "Firewalker", "Faith is for Suckers" and "Dreams of Sands" stand in the tradition of the previous releases. The band lost Ryan Ferrier´s voice as their trademark and a lot of their sheer power in riffing and drumming. I don´t know what about to create some interludes just to fill a record, I don´t know why to start songs after a 30 or 50 seconds and stretch them up to 6 minutes. It´s a 4/11 release, like their previous releases.