2nd day, 08-11-2022

rosy finch

The band that was in charge of opening the day on stage 3 was Rosy Finch, and we already know what the live shows of this piece of band from Alicante are like. A sound between grunge and the most furious sludge that pushes you with each riff. They exude anger and noise, which is the best way to start a weekend.

24/7 diva heaven

We continued with the trio 24/7 Diva Heaven, from Germany and who were a great surprise for me. What a way to create chaos and put on such a fun and powerful performance. Personally, I always appreciate some punk, regardless of the festival I'm at and the Germans left me vibrating while waiting for the next concert.


We moved to main 2 to see Lunavieja, a group that made quite a good impression on the public but they didn't convince me. A performance halfway between doom and performance. They started very well, reminding me of Monolord with a very heavy riff and a very dreamy voice full of reverb, but I completely distanced myself from the show and the mystique, which I do not take away from it and I admire the proposal.

the machine

We moved to see The Machine on the main stage and despite having a very powerful live show and sounding like pure noise without cracks, I felt it was a very transitional concert due to the time it was. I would have liked to enjoy them more late at night. Even so, we moved our necks a lot with the desert passages of this Dutch trio in which I couldn't stop looking at David Lebowski's Alef, what a beauty! 

green lung

Green Lung. The British band was one of the bands I most wanted to see from this lineup and my surprise was that they went so unnoticed when it was announced, knowing what they are capable of doing. They were presenting the album “Black Harvest” and started the concert as if we had pressed play on the album. “Old Gods”, “Reaper's Scythe” and the incredible “Graveyard Sun” generated the great coven of the afternoon. They managed to bewitch those of us who stacked up in the main 2, making it clear that “…a little death never hurt anyone”

pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs (etc.)

There were no technical stops this Friday afternoon, because what was on now was to enjoy the British band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Those from Newcastle gave an incredible live show, letting the noise, stoner, doom flow that they integrate so well into their cuts. Two voices emptied themselves in each song without thinking. Such was the energetic display that his singer, Matt Baty, flaunting his British humor, apologized for not bearing the peninsular temperatures and having to take a breather between songs. Of course, he ventured to be a participant in the chaos with a bit of crowd surfing.

frankie and the witch fingers

Frankie and the Witch Fingers. For all the people who already knew who they were, we were expecting a great live show, with a lot of energy, psychedelia and fun. And that they gave us, but surprising with the way in which they achieved it. A perfect sound with an almost magical connection between members and an overwhelming charisma. Personally, being a big fan of this band, I was surprised by how clean and balanced everything sounded, like their characteristic dirty fuzz on disco, and this helped us to appreciate all their talent much better.


We moved to main 2 again to see Conan for a while, whom I had already seen on other occasions and they always left me a little ugh because of the voice. And it happened to me again. It is a group that I prefer to listen to on record because I enjoy it more and despite the sonic wall they created they do not end up filling me with what I could expect.


Around 10:00 p.m. we started with Witch, one of the main dishes that were expected this day. We knew we weren't going to see J Mascis because he was on tour with Dinosaur Jr. and that put me off a bit. The truth is that they left me a little lukewarm. They sounded good, correct, but without much fanfare: enjoyable. It´s a band for a club, not for an open air.


After seeing Witch, we quickly went to the main 2 to greet our fellow Moura. The people from Coruña set the bar very, very high with their psych-rock. Pure magic full of Galician folklore, creating another mystic concert of the day.

electric wizzard

They more than fulfilled leaving the door open for the great headliners of this edition of SonicBlast: Electric Wizard to pass. Midnight, everything dyed red and the atmosphere could not be more consistent. All the clocks slowed for a long hour, clinging to the powerful and heavy riffs of the English. The desire that everyone had to enjoy this band was palpable and Jus Oborn did not disappoint. Each guitar intro introducing the base that would so characteristically dominate the song was chanted by the crowd. A dark, mysterious and visceral doom metal ritual that managed to unite all the people under a unanimous opinion: What an experience! The atmosphere they created was brutal, but here I was able to experience one of the biggest flaws in the organization. There was no way to get out of the crowd anywhere, since the festival site was arranged as a corridor surrounded by the sides, you could only get out by moving in the opposite direction of the stage. This caused some fainting due to the heat and crowding, which fortunately remained small scares.


After the great mass that Electric Wizard attracted dissipated, Kaleidobolt began, another of the bets of Svart Records, which had a very very complicated role: to keep people hooked after the biggest performance of this edition. This extremely powerful trio from Helsinki had been presenting “This one simple trick”, an album that had surprised me for good due to the strong union of psychedelia, 70s rock and classic heavy. Live they did not disappoint, they did an impressive performance and ended up taking away the little energy I had left