Villagers of Ioannina City, a multi-layered approach

5 years after the release of their ground-breaking album "Age of Aquarius" and a lot of touring with this album and some Greek songs in their setlist, this album still stands as a monolithic landmark in the music scene. I never get tired to listen to this album and motivate friends and other people to listen to it.

Maybe it was a mistake to release such an album so early in a career of a band. The conceptional album starts with a welcome to the new age and it ends as a spark penetrating a block hole, although a black hole attracts all matter and informations. The spark out of the black hole again is a restart or a new beginning like:  was there a big bang before the big bang?

The band wrote about the main philosophical problem:  where are we and where are we going. And if a band manages it to create lyrics transported with this multi-layered sound of traditional and electric instruments, it is more than art, it´s almost science.

I felt it instinctively a kind of magic between the lines when I heard it for the first time. But how to approach to this monster of an album? I do it step by step and with the help of chatGPT, to translate and interpret the lyrics with my prompts.


This text welcomes the dawn of a new age, symbolized by the arrival of the sun and the Age of Aquarius. It encourages observation of the stars and signs, signaling the beginning of a transformative era. The imagery evokes a sense of rebirth and renewal, as the flood of light heralds the start of a new life.

age of aquarius

The text explores the profound connection between nature, spirituality, and human existence. It suggests that by staying close to the river and shedding tears, one can be perceived as having divine influence, symbolizing purification and life. This idea extends to being revered as a rain god, symbolizing humanity's role as stewards of nature.


Mentions of forest fairies leading to a nocturnal dance hint at the existence of spiritual beings and their interaction with humans, serving as mediators between the natural and spiritual worlds. Reference to the "Age of Aquarius" alludes to an era of spiritual change and progress, often associated with humanism and innovation.


The speaker's emergence from the river, describing themselves as "finally reborn," signifies a metaphysical experience of spiritual enlightenment. Encounters with celestial and mythical beings in space and the forest denote a transcendent journey of spiritual discovery.


Discovering an ancient temple with the speaker's name and the call to bring light and change the world symbolize a spiritual destiny or mission entrusted to the speaker. The return to Earth to bring fire and rain, along with the cyclic return of the sun, represents a metaphorical cycle of creation, destruction, and rebirth.

The Age of Aquarius is an astrological concept representing a period characterized by innovation, progress, and spiritual awakening. It's believed to be an era marked by humanitarianism, enlightenment, and social change. Astrologically, it occurs when the Sun appears in the constellation of Aquarius during the spring equinox. The Age of Aquarius is associated with ideals such as freedom, equality, and collective consciousness. It's believed to herald a shift towards greater individual autonomy, technological advancement, and global cooperation. While interpretations vary, many see it as a time of societal transformation and the emergence of new ideas, values, and perspectives.

Astronomically, the Age of Aquarius refers to the period when the vernal equinox point moves from the constellation of Pisces into the constellation of Aquarius. This movement is due to the precession of the Earth's axis, which causes a gradual shift in the orientation of Earth's axis of rotation over a period of approximately 26,000 years. This astronomical phenomenon defines the boundaries of the astrological ages, including the Age of Aquarius.

part v

The initial section depicts the individual sitting alone in candlelight, contemplating their life and regretting unsaid words, suggesting a phase of remorse and reflection on past decisions and communications.


The following lines describe a walk through the streets of the individual's family home, recalling memories of childhood and shared dreams. Mentioning the end of childhood may indicate approaching adulthood and reflecting on associated changes and responsibilities.


The line "Time flies in circles and rerun / So fast, but time is an illusion and it bends" reflects a philosophical contemplation of time and its nature, suggesting that while time is perceived as linear, it's actually circular and repetitive. The idea that time is an illusion and bends hints at the relativity of time and how it's subjectively experienced.


References to dreams and voices speaking to the individual at night may suggest a spiritual or metaphysical experience. These voices are portrayed as reassurance and confirmation that everything is okay and answers to life's questions exist.


The text concludes with the individual expressing a need for recreation, having traveled through space and time to find answers and revive their soul, mind, and spirit. This can be interpreted as a desire for spiritual growth and personal development as the individual continues their journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

dance of night

This text celebrates the awe-inspiring moment of a new birth, symbolized by the alignment of planets and colliding stars. It calls for embracing the cosmic energy and the role of the water carrier, urging individuals to ignite their spirits and dance through the fire of transformation. As spring arrives and nature rejuvenates, it prompts unity and breaking free from mental constraints to welcome a new era symbolized by the Age of Aquarius. Ultimately, it encourages embracing the new beginning and becoming one with the universe, as the Sun rises to mark a fresh start.

Symbolic Meaning: In a more symbolic sense, the "dance of night" could represent the passage of time or the cycle of life. Nighttime is often associated with rest, reflection, and transformation, so the expression could signify a metaphorical dance or journey through these stages.

Spiritual Meaning: In spiritual or mystical contexts, the "dance of night" could refer to rituals, ceremonies, or meditative practices performed during the nighttime hours. It could symbolize a connection to the divine or a deeper exploration of inner truths under the cover of darkness.


Arrival takes up the musical motif of the song "Age of Aquarius", this time the vocal line and the guitar line are played with the bagpipes and clarinet. These instruments tuned to C reflect nature, which is also tuned to C.

father sun

This text portrays a spiritual connection with nature, particularly the Sun and Mother Earth. It emphasizes the importance of being attuned to the natural world and heeding its call to action. The imagery of looking at the horizon and feeling the air change suggests a moment of awakening and realization. The repetition of "To the Sun I pray" underscores the reverence and devotion to the Sun as a source of enlightenment and guidance.


The mention of voices from the past and the call from Mother Earth suggests a deeper connection to ancestral wisdom and the need to honor and protect the environment. The speaker identifies themselves as a conduit for this wisdom, symbolized by being the "holy river" and the bearer of "golden dust."

millennium blues

This text reflects on the turbulent times ahead and encourages resilience and determination. The repeated refrain "Stand up straight my son" emphasizes the need for strength and courage in the face of adversity. The speaker urges to remember that life is a journey and to trust one's inner voice as a guide.  

The mention of a dream symbolizes hope and optimism, suggesting that despite challenges, there is still potential for a brighter future. The imagery of kids shining and dancing with relief evokes a sense of innocence and possibility. 

The text emphasizes the importance of belief and determination in turning dreams into reality. It encourages unity and perseverance in the fight for justice and freedom, despite the new Millennium and its blue and sad background.

Millennium Blues could refer to a societal or cultural feeling or mood prevalent during the millennium transition. This could encompass a range of emotions and experiences, from excitement and anticipation to anxiety or uncertainty about the future. "Millennium blues" in this sense might describe a sense of melancholy or dissatisfaction associated with the changing times.

cosmic soul

These lyrics describe a metaphorical journey of the protagonist towards a destination that may represent spiritual enlightenment or personal growth. The protagonist is on the way to the North Star and feels almost at the goal. He experiences transformations and connects with the elements as he travels through space and reaches the speed of light. The journey symbolizes liberation from limitations and a quest for inner freedom. It emphasizes the importance of saving one's own soul, freeing the mind, and breaking out to experience spiritual love and self-discovery.

all for the innocent

This text is a hymn for the innocent, the bearers of light, and a tribute to those often seen as deviants or creatures of the night. It honors the immigrants of life, the underdogs, and the dreamers of a new world.


The lines "I will follow you to the end of the world" and "We will finally come to the golden age" convey a message of solidarity and hope. They express the belief that through unity and strength, all obstacles can be overcome.

The concept of a golden age can vary depending on the context, but it generally represents an idealized time of harmony and abundance. In some interpretations, the golden age is viewed as a past era that is nostalgically remembered, while in others, it may be seen as a future utopian vision to strive for.

sparkle out of black hole

In a metaphorical or poetic sense, one could say that hope, knowledge, or even understanding sparkle or shine from a black hole. Black holes are astronomical phenomena where immense gravitational force is created, sucking in everything, including light. However, theoretically, information or energy could escape from a black hole in the form of radiation, known as Hawking radiation. In this regard, one could metaphorically say that something "sparkles" or "shines" when it comes out of a black hole.


The articles collectively depict the evolution of a band and the profound impact of their music, which transcends mere entertainment. Their album, characterized by a blend of traditional and modern musical elements, serves as a conduit for exploring existential themes and the human condition. Each article reflects a facet of this journey, from themes of rebirth and renewal to introspection and resilience in the face of uncertainty. There's a pervasive sense of hope and enlightenment throughout, suggesting that even in the darkest moments, there is potential for growth and understanding. The band's music becomes a vehicle for unity, solidarity, and the celebration of the human spirit, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a glimpse of transcendence amidst the complexities of life.