Dune pilot - lucy

A clear improvement of the production, a clear increase of ´eavyness and relaxed heavyness marks the first random listening sessions. There was no part that annoied me so that´s a good sign. No the second listening and the opener "Loaded" is a bastard of Kyuss´"100°", creamy fuzzy guitars and fat riffing and powerful and rough vocals.

"Willow" combines elements of classic rock like the tasty hammond organ in the background and the decent background vocals, which overlays a heavy grooving rhythm.

"Postman" is a rolercoaster trip through ages, sounds and styles. From classic rock with distorted guitars to the heavy doomy mourning part that restarts with a harmony hook and a doomy riff to the starting riff. Oh, I forgot the jam fresh from the Desert Sessions that closes the song. Up to now my favorite song, although I hate Doom. 

The title track "Lucy" reminds me on better Sasquatch parts concering the riffs and fillings and the Heavy Blues in the middle of the song.

"I´m your man" is a relaxed blend between a Doors Song, Blues and classic Stoner elements in the chorus. 

After these three more complexe songs "Speak up" comes along with a "We-tear-your-roof-off- attitude. A second guitar or an overdub would have been a better solution to fuel up the guitar during the solo. 

"Sit back"  blends a dusty straight forward rocking and a clear southern rock spirit. Listen to the backing vocals! Great song!!

I mean, the songs take an averag of 5 minutes and none of them bored and no part was predictable in any way. And this tradition keeps "Griper", with his epic and heavy first three minutes, stopped by a short jam and launched with a mantra riffing to psychedelic heights. No, it´s not finished yet. A acoustic campfire set closes this wonderful song.

"Feed your Conscience" first stands in a Jeffersons Airplane tradition laid over fuzzy guitars. Not one of my favorites on this record and in my opinion, "Griper" would have been the better choice to close the record.

Anyway, a constant good song-writing over 50 minutes, with different moods, sounds, styles, lead by one of my favorites voices in Stoner Rock. Yeah! 9/10



An Overkill for a larger variety of styles and sounds and songwriting.