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Live Report: Angelus Apatrida & Pestilence, Live Backstage Munich
Concerts & Tours · 05-04-2024
Our beloved Backstage presented during one evening two different ways to receive ringing ears. Either you only listen to death metal in the hall, or you only listen to thrash metal in the club, or you listen to both for 5 hours. We decided to do both, which was possible by purchasing a combination ticket. Both venues were well filled, the average age in the hall was between 45 and 55 years old, and in the club it was around 30 years old, because two generations of metalheads were at the concert.

Live report Cryptosa, Obscura & Cynic, Backstage, Munich, 3-26-2024
Concerts & Tours · 27-03-2024
The Dutchmen presented high-speed technical Thrash-Metal which I heard for the first time. Everything was perfect: the sound, the lights, the ai-created animation and visualization of their music. Their music was more the intellectual approach to music than the urge to play music to stay alive like in the 80´s. Three artists at work and a band worth to see.

Live Report Spidergawd & Årabrot, Backstage, Munich

Live Report Hiraes & Dymytry & Böse Fuchs, Backstage, Munich
Concerts & Tours · 12-03-2024
Saturday evening, sold out concert, exciting acts, Rock´n Roll, yeah!! After a concert like this, I´m always amazed about the different ingredients you can adjoint Heavy Metal. The first Band was called "Böse Fuchs", a German band or project around Bad Fox, a female guitar player and multi-everything. Based on a small dose of Metal and with a lot of other non-metallic stuff added, female rapped vocals. Musically not my thing, but interesting to follow. A harsh contrast was Hiraes with our...

Black Bomb A on tour 2024
Concerts & Tours · 08-03-2024
Yes, we did it again.. for the fifth time... Black Bomb A live at the Backstage, Munich and with alqemiste from Regensburg as support.

El Perro (feat Parker Griggs from Radio Moscow) on European Tour 2024
Concerts & Tours · 06-02-2024
Just in case that you miss some heavy blues with some 70´s classic rock vibes, check out El Perro and get amazed about how much a simple blues scheme offers to jam and rock. I´m traveling through Spain, I cannot go to see them.

Grandmaster Björk on European roads again
Concerts & Tours · 17-01-2024
Brant Björk Trio, featuring Ryan Güt and Mario Lalli, will hit some European roads in late spring. And no tour without an album, so the three legends are working hard to publish their common record.

Go Down Records unveiled latest tour dates
Concerts & Tours · 11-01-2024
Ananda Mida, the legendary Italian Psychedelic- and Krautrock-Heros will start their tour on 18/1/2024; Humulus, the Melodic Doom-Masters Humulus with a new line-up will start one week later to roll down venues in Germany, Austria and Italy. Last but not least The Devils, Italy´s hottest and sexiest Rock´n Roll thang. Check them out!

HIRAES & Dymymtry will hit the road together
Concerts & Tours · 27-12-2023
Ze German Band Hireas and the Czechs of Dymytry will destroy quite a lot of stages on their common tour in early spring. Hireas with Britta Görtz (ex-Cripper) on vocals crowns a well-greased melodic Death Metal Machine. Their latest release sounds more promising than their previous releases which were a bit too one-dimensional Death Metal. Dymytry´s latets release "Five angry Men" fits perfect between a bit of Slipknot, Sweden Death and Melodic Death. Both bands will surely blow your brain...

20 years of "Back to times of Splendor"
Concerts & Tours · 19-12-2023
Ze German Death- and progressive Metal institution Disillusion will hit the road in spring to present their debut "Back to times of Splendor" which was released - hold on - in 2004. A timeless classic masterpiece of extreme music and extreme musical skills. Don´t miss them on stage, this band is way ahead of their debut and to listen to the album in his entirety on stage is - in my opinion - an honor. Check out the venues and get the tickets.

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