I discovered this band thanks the Stoned from the Underground festival 2017. All them Witchespack the whole Americain musical history in each of their songs. This album is not Progressive Rock, it´s Regressing Rock, almost an exhibition of the roots of Americain music. "Bulls" start as a folky hippy song, with narrated lyrics by Jim Morrison, with a Mama and the Papas background choir and a Americana drumming. This idyllic composition will destroyed by a heavy distorted bass, surrounded by spacy samples. The drums change to MC5, the sound turns to Space Rock, the vocals are distorted by a vocoder, spehric keyboards in the background. 

The first 30 seconds of "Don´t bring me coffee" could be taken from a Calexico song, followed by the "Kick out the Jams" riff, washed away by s steady straight rock beat, that reminds on QOTSA and Monster Magnet. Then the first 30 seconds restart and the rest of this musical collage.

"Bruce Lee" is blended with a Sonic Youth guitar sound which overlays a keyboards line, pushed forwards by the leading bass and driving drums. Shortly before you get used to this songs it stops.

"3-5-7" combines Blues with Doom and a catchy vocal line. A clean guitar picking and a shamanic drum beat introduce "Am I going up?". Robby Steabler´s voice is accompaigned with this incredible background choir. The shamanic and native elements linger on during the following song "Alabaster", which gets stopped by heavy distorted chords.

Al these contradictory components become an organic whole through musical ability of this incredible band. "Sleeping through war" should be your mixtape for your next road trip. Fantastic!!

An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers.