My Sleeping Karma - Atma




1. Maya Shakti;  9:14

2. Prema;  7:56

3. Mukti; 6:44 

4. Avatara; 9:37

5. Pralaya; 6:58

6. Ananda; 8:18

Atma is described as the true self of every being, the eternal indestructible inner form. 


1. The biggest of all the goddess´, the goddess of illusion and the material world.

2. Prema is the successor of Mother Teresa at the missonaires of charity in Calcutta.

3. In sanskrit, Mukti means liberation and redemption (like Moksha)

4. Avatara are supernatural beings who descend to earth.

5. This means the dissolving of the universe, death and destruction.

6. Ananda means joy, bliss and it is unconditional joy, it is unconditional bliss. 


How to transport a message without lyrics? How to transport feelings by keeping a musical trademark? How to tell a story without storyteller? And how to transport positive vibes and healing harmonies despite death, divorce, disease, depression and despair? My Sleeping Karma is the only band who is able to manage it.

The tracklist shows that music is the healing and therapy. It is a trip from the expulsion of paradise through all the seductions of modern life back to yourself in around 50 minutes. Bands like Neurosis, Amenra or Inter Arma do it in an aggressive, extrovert and destructive way, My Sleeping Karma remain constructive and preserving. Their music heals. Ever saw Amenra, Neurosis or Inter Arma coming from the stage? All the members are close to a borderline syndrom, needing a lot of different drugs to calm down. 

The song "Prema" is the essental visual realization of the tracks´meanings. A prophetic video because the first ideas date from 2018. And it will remain a voiceless cry in a world which keeps on getting crazier every day.

My Sleeping Karma hadn´t wrote a hit until now, although the spectators always sing along their riffs and intros during their concerts. But during the "17 years of SOL-Festival" in Munich, I realized that "Prema" was THE song, on which the crowd went crazy and the band was completely surprised and stoked on stage.

Yes, "Prema" is their personal "Ace of Spades" like "Icarus" for Monkey3. And it is a total work of art, visually and acousticly. Logically, this song and the meaning of his name, is the helping hand to achieve "Ananda" so it would be better placed behind "Avatara". "Prema" should also close their set. Not only due the video, also due the wide ranging dynamics in acoustic and tempo.

Of course, there are some more songs you can listen to apart the 29th of July.  I did it already and in my opinion, they all sound like My Sleeping Karma and they are quite more edgy than most of their other compositions. For the first time, the band composed songs for which you have to take your time. It is not more music for the background of your yoga session or so, you have to listen to them. The ease has gone since "Moksha" and actually this album is a snapshot of their last three years, a mature album, liberated from rock 'n roll clichés, concerning the songwrting.

The contradiction between the sounding and the soul of this record is also obvious. They created the same sound as usual for non-usual songs resulting from unusual times and destinies. The mostly edgy songs would have been better packed in a more edgy production, a bit more distorted bass and rhythm guitar layer, a bit more midrange.

The album will unfold its beauty not at once, but "Prema" and "Mukti". It will take some time for the band and the listener to discover the hidden beauty in the songs. 


This record deserves an "Orgasmatron", which means, that the songs are quite good, but the production and the mastering muted the actually power of the band. On stage, the record will sound like the band sounds usually.