Under the Doom-Festival Lisbon, 12-6 - 12-8-2019

First we missed the venue and as we found Lisboa AO Vivo we were so impressed by the quality of the bands, the location, sound and light.


Heavenwood did a kind of Paradise Lost gig prior to the headliner. Ambitinous rockin´and a bit of melodic doom with to different voices for almost 40 minutes. Not bad, but not my thing.


Depression means having anger against yourself and Doom Metal is the acoustic expression of this state of mind. And so you don´t have to wonder that a lot of women express themselves in the widespread Doom Metal-scene. The opposite means doing Arch Enemy or Walls of Jericho. I´m more into the last mentioned.


Actually, I started one week befor the concert to occupy myself with this band. I almost drowned in their different musical soundscapes and atmospheres. So I forced my wife, my son and his girlfriend to see this band live. But what is this? Three guitars and no bass? I mean BÖC, Molly Hatchet or Kvelertak own three guitars with a bass. The lack of the bass was ultimately a gain in ease without the riffs losing their power. Even after the concert I didn´t ask like: "Is your bassplayer sick?" (Maybe he was...) because this three guitar constellation fitted to the max to those unpredictable songs and all of the three could be heard perfectly. So thanks to the soundman, who rounded off the whole performance with a perfect mix.




The Great Unknown

Alone I stand in fires

A shimmer in the darkest sea

Time to let go

The black sea

And the mirror cracked

Paradise Lost

We were electrified by Disillusion so we couldn´t follow Paradise Lost with all of our concentration. Briefly said: I really like them on CD but not on stage.