Death by Rippin´

Death by Rippin´ is a my son´s project, containing a monthly podcast about surf, style and sound and his own branded,  upcycled T-Shirts. After having played and jammed in countless bands, Lukas is more situated in the backstage than onstage. On his ways for the perfect wave, he always meets interesting people doing interesting things and music. So it is obvious to create podcast with them.

Death by Rippin´ Radio Show

Episode #1: Crusing down the Algarve

First Episode of the Death by Rippin Radio show features some classic intro scenes, an on the road interview and devil sound from the godfathers of stoner rock: Kyuss

Episode #2: NotNica

In this short little episode Death by Rippin radio host Boandlkramer checks in with luke the dude, a death by rippin sponsored surfer, who has some trouble getting on the airplane to start his long awaited surf trip. The radio show closes with some good devil music. tune in or go home.

Episode #3: Adri´s first CT

Adriana is a DbR sponsored Surfer and a big Stephanie Gilmore fan. So you can imagine how stocked she was, when she visited a CT event for the first time in her life. Tune in and find out how she experienced the worlds best in Portugals premium wave Supertubos and how Luke the Dude surfed with the pros a couple days later in epic conditions.

Episode #4: Surf Poem

 On of our sponsored surfers "luke the dude" sent us a poem about surfing (in german). Check it out in this episode of DbR radio and hang in to enjoy some good old devil music by kyuss. Rip till you R.I.P!P!

Episode #5: Fabi - surfer and upcycling pioneer

Our guest in this death by rippin radio show is Fabi, a german surfer, who left his home for surfing and started his own upcycling brand, when everyone else was still thinking climate change would be a phantasy by Rolland Emmerich.

Episode #6: Niki - about surfing Brazil´s Costa Verde, the WSL Drama & Fantasy Picking

Episode #7: Tough times for Bali´s surf guides & Deivi Musi with host Boandlkramer

Our guest in this episode is a balinese surf guide, who had to become a fisherman to survive the time after covid hit the island of gods. Tune in to learn about his crazy story! And after the interview we have a little special for you – our german DbR Radio host Boandlkramer plays some of his favorite "Deivi Musi" (german for "devil music"). Are you ready for surfing stories, straight outta hell stoner sound and laid back bavarian vibes? Then tune in, or go in.

Episode #8: Hellfest - the devil´s favorite Festival

In this episode Nic the dick and Luke the dude talk about their trip to the hellfest (while driving back home from the hellfest). Tune in to listen to the music, which we enjoyed all weekend and to get a glimpse of how sick Hellfest really is and what makes it so special! Bands in this episode are Messa, Baroness, Electric Wizard, Sepultura and the crazy fuckers from Maximum the Hormone! Merci Clisson! Merci Hellfest! See you again in hell next year🤘

Episode#9: Ripsi Rebellion on making music with or without you, Nocebo....

death by rippin´ & heavystoned

Episode #10: Upcycling Surf Fashion by Death by Rippin´

Death by Rippin is making shirts now and the best thing about them: they are 100% upcylced. Learn about the first "already ripped collection" by death by rippin in this episode, when your two show hosts Boandlkramer and Luke the Dude talk about the project.

Episode #11: A blind purchase in paradise

Episode #12: about the new Elder album "Innate Passage"