Corrosion of Conformity & Plainride, Backstage Munich, 05-16-2023, Halle, 250 spectators


Hailing from Cologne, Germany, sounding like coming from Carolina. I never thought that a band without a bass could sound sound that powerful without the usual slushy elements, when a guitar wants to sound like a bass. I knew this band since their release of their album "Return of the Jackalope";  a grooving bastard of Blues, a bit of Hardcore and Sludge, crowned with a powerful voice. Same happened during the concert. Once you were in this washing-machine of Blues, Southern Rock and Sludge, you couldn´t escape from it. And if the Munich audience cheer a band on a Tuesday evening - despite having an Augustiner Beer - you know, that the band was better than the beer. And: they had a good-looking T-Shirts and a fantastic merch.

corrosion of conformity

They just deliver without compromises. Honestly said, without adulation, this concert was one song; groovy, heavy, bluesy and sludgy. Nothing remained from their songs, no catchy refrain, just a proper portion of anger and aggression in their songs. I mean, they try to canalize a huge amount of energy. This is like putting pandora back in her box. After a COC concert, there is just one feeling remaining: you´re overwhelmed with energy and you feel small facing this sheer power of this band.