Entombed A.D. + Grave 10-4-2014, Feierwerk, Munich 150 spectators

Okay, I admit: I forgot to hear Entombed in the 90s because I heard t he first Deathmetal-Bands five years earlier and Kyuss, Rage against the Machine, Helmet did something new what I liked more than Deathmetal. I was wrong to ignore Entombed and Grave during the 90s, I learned during this concert in the “Feierwerk” in Munich. I think we missed another Swedish Thrashmetal-Band, so our concert started with “Grave”. They were not in the best mood but they choosed their best song from each album. The best ones at the finish, like “Eroded” and “Into the Grave”. It was just classic and brutal Deathmetal, but that kind of “I know the songs but it is always a surprise, what comes next”. Their incredients for their Deathmetal came from the Heavy-Metal-History, like Thrash Metal, Doom or Black Metal.


I saw Entombed as support for Volbeat in 2010 and I asked myself, why they are on tour with Volbeat? During their concert at the “Feierwerk” I learned my next lesson: Entombed put more stuff from the rock history in their kind of Deathmetal, like Rock´n Roll in “Wolverine Blues”, Punk in “Out of Hand”, Moshparts in “I for an Eye”. To feel their intensity and joy of playing just in front of you made this concert unforgettable. Vocalist Petrov did the Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on stage, banging guitar players, beer on the stage, screams from the audience to lift up the volume and the speed, sweating spectators like in the 80s, no circlepit, no stagedivers, no crowdsurfers, just mayhem and headbangig. We all were impressed by the unit in this band, their incredible sound, their power their joy to play in front of real maniacs and nerds.

Despite ear protectors I got ringing ears for four days, despite a lovely neck massage from my wife I had a pain in the neck. Now I know what I had missed 25 years ago when I ignored Entombed.

Setlist Entombed A.D.

1.     Kill to Live 

2.     I for an Eye 

3.     Revel in Flesh 

4.     Second to None 

5.     Living Dead 

6.     Stranger Aeons 

7.     Pandemic Rage 

8.     To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth 

9.     Out of Hand 

10.  Wolverine Blues 

11.  Chaos Breed 

12.  Damn Deal Done 

13.  Left Hand Path 

14.  Encore:

15.  Chief Rebel Angel 

16.  Abnormally Deceased 

17.  Supposed to Rot 

18.  Serpent Saints