The Spacelords gathered again for their second album Water Planet"Plasma" launches us with a mid-tempo, slightly stumping, surrounded by indian/oriental inspired guitar loops straight to space. This composition is located between the Hawkwind´s Spacerock and the sheer endless guitar mantras from My Sleeping Karma. Not that fast as Hawkwind, not that playful as My Sleeping Karma, blended with endless spirals of the riff´s variations. What a pity, this trip stops after 11 minutes.

"Metamorphosis" based on a leading bass riff, that fixes the drums, the effects and the guitar licks. Not that straight as the proceeding song, more proggy psychedelic.

"Nag Kanya" takes off with oriental effects, flangers, phazers on bass and guitars and a restrained drumming. This jam lasts around ten minutes to prepare the take-off for the last ten minutes of this song. The bass-line and the drums get straighter, the guitar lingers along with arabesque hooks. Seems like the bass and the drums finally have convinced the guitar for a harder riffing and sound. The wah-wah domines for five minutes and you might think, wow, a song straight into space. But shortly before this part gets predictable, the song turns in another jam, slowly fading out, with more cymbal drumming, a lot of atmosphere with a little of chords and the oriental effects. What a trip, what a record. 

A real bomber for all the experiments the band did already. I mean, it´s art to redefine yourself, so a well deserved bomber for doing differt styles on different albums.