Monkey3 - Welcome to the Machine

I discovered the beauty of Monkey3´s compositions when we had two Italian guests in our former house. They asked us about our music which we are into. After a typical Italian-like screwball talk, I said: This song is our essence of music we like. And I put on "Icarus" and we all started to cry due the beauty of this song. Same happened at the Hellfest 2022 when my friend Jaime and I introduced some of his friends to "Icarus" and we cried.

"Welcome to the Machine" is a more colder and technical motto and title for a record. Of course we have this monster of Pink Floyd´s song in our head, but Monkey3  manages the balancing act between a cold sound and timeless harmonies.


Immersing ourselves in a spacey realm, 'Ignition' emerges from a slow pulsating genesis to unfold over ten fascinating minutes amidst supernovas and a weightless environment, showcasing the Swiss quartet's full potential. It's a space odyssey where muscular riffs coexist with keyboards leaning towards cosmic realms enveloped in a psychedelic atmosphere. A tortuous journey with captivating melodies and a thrilling rhythm that navigates the outer reaches of space, driven by captivating psychedelia and striking riffs.


The collision of two elements creates chaos but also peace and harmony, giving rise to something entirely new. With this premise, 'Collision' unfolds in a mysterious atmosphere with beautiful psychedelic guitar passages orbiting a celestial orbit built upon faint synthesizers and a hypnotic rhythm. Padded in its sound, the track features a warm bassline that coats its harmonies. Driven by this fuel, MONKEY3 entangles us in psychotropic soundscapes, maintaining magnetism in a complex yet fascinating and exotic space environment. Furthering the Swiss's unique vision of psychedelia, 'Kali Yuga' seems to flirt with elegant and sophisticated post-rock moments, creating a majestic piece. Controlling the intensity, the track pulsates between keyboards and effects before succumbing to captivating Floydian passages where Boris's guitar shines splendidly. Inhabiting the shadows, the song carries a melancholic tone offset by beautiful melodies under an unsettling atmosphere.


The Swiss's futuristic narrative continues with 'Rackman'. Another cosmic psychedelic song with beautiful developments in a fluid narrative that traverses the universe, crossing stellar nebulae. The track incorporates progressive elements into its strong yet cadent rhythm, creating a 'whole' that captivates you in its story. MONKEY3's trademark crunchy riffs are present, ensuring solidity and firmness in their songs. Once again, a Floydian guitar pushes the track into a hypnotic trance at the edges of space. As the album's epilogue, the twelve minutes of 'Collapse' perfectly reflect the band's sound. Similar to Pink Floyd's 'Time', the track combines all of MONKEY3's concerns. Heavy at times, delicate and whispering at others, but always evoking sensations in the listener. With all its monumentality, the heaviness contained in the track is cushioned by dreamy instrumental passages that place the listener in another sensory level, a space that the band masters perfectly and that is reflected in their magical instrumental developments.