Chapter I: The Discovery, 1986

I found "Arise!" in our local recordstore "Plattenlädle" sorted in the Punk division of their sortiment. This small recordstore managed to get imports, bootlegs and some other weired stuff. You could sit in a kind of loomchair and have a cigarette while listening to records. Actually, you haven´t to smoke any cigarettes, because everybody smoked in this store. The fact that this record was published by Alternative Tentacles and I already owned the "Fresh fruit.." album from the Dead Kennedys and The first "Bad Brains" album, made me curious. The cover doesn´t look like a typical Punk cover and neither like a Heavy Metal or a Thrash Metal cover in this time.

I bought this reord after having listened to it one time. Everything was new with this record: the lyrics, the music and the missing band picture on the sleeve. My first feeling towards this record was a deep spiritual feeling, an acoustic bible out of a "Mad Max"-movie.

This record felt in a period of my life, when I finished my school and my military service, when I wanted to study natural science and earned my money by working in my village´s sawmill. I lived almost one year with all the contradictions between being adapted through school, army and university and my deepest inner will to unleash my different personalities to study what I want, to travel where I want to travel and to live how I ever wanted to live.

This ended up in alternating between living in an occupied house in Stuttgart, working in the sawmill in my little village to earn the money to travel and studying chemistry, physics, mathematics.

"No gods, no masters!" was the ignition to become critic towards the aims and the ignorance of social life by the natural sciences, the bourgeois and bohemian life-style in the occupied house which had no political and social impact, the incredible low wage for my work, the school-like university-life and -system, which was and is far away from any creation of an open spirit. 

I wrote to Alternative Tentacles to get the lyrics for the record and they sent them to me. So, what I felt instinctivly, was confirmed by the lyrics. To do it yourself.. to liberate yourself, to inform youself, to educate yourself and to maintain your moral point of view in a Kantian way. This record was lightyears ahead of only being angry about politics and corruption, this record taught me to change the handling with problems and to see the solution in the archaic behaviour of mankind.

Yes, and then was "The Monolith".., typical second album, not bad, not good, not new and not different enough. I bought it anyway, "Nobody´s driving", "Falling from Grace", "Coming Home" and "Last Will and Testament" still are great songs.

Chapter II: The Epigones


I deceided to create my own Amebix-Shirt, because there were no possibilities to get them or buy them in Germany. This picture was taken during an excursion in the Tunisian Sahara in 1992.

This is  - and since November 2020 - was Jörg Schelling, just called Tschelle, who joined many times his friend Nolde -Martin Arnold- who lives in the occupied house in Stuttgart. Once I entered the "Casino" and he was begging for my shirt. He couldn´t believe that anybody knows this band or even wears a shirt of them. So I created him an equal one, which I gifted him in the "Stuttgarter Kickers" football stadium. 

Some weeks later, Tschelle told me that "Zygote", a band with ex-members of Amebix will play in Stuttgart. The "Casino" didn´t get the licence to play so the concert took place in a former World War 2 shelter und the autonomic center for unemployed people in Stuttgart. There you could have good meals for around 1€ and three levels deeper, there was this huge shelter, completly humid and moist and smelly. A good place for an apocalyptic soundtrack.

I had a talk with Stig, Spider and George. I guess they won´t remember it, they really had a lot of fun on their tour.

Sonic Mass, 2011

9. The One

Before the Earth was born we travelled from the stars
We fell like comets from the universal mind
We fused the elements within the rising sun
We are the north, the south, the east, the west, the one!
All sense of separation, this is your illusion
All sense of segregation, just leading to confusion
We watched the mighty fall and Empires turned to dust
The cities crumbling into the raging Sea
We entered into life that took the human form
We are the air, the water, the earth, the fire!
All sense of separation, this is your illusion
All sense of segregation, just leading to confusion
All sense of separation, this is your illusion
All sense of separation, this is your illusion
All sense of segregation, just leading to confusion
All sense of separation, this is your illusion
We are the one
Spoken: Oh man look upon your Works and despair
The fundamental essence ever was the same
Born of our mother moon, our father sun above us all days
These principles ever were the same, we are in everything and all is part of you 
As it is above, so it is below
Open up your eyes, stand at the center of the earth and look around you
The north, the east, the south, the west
The water, the air, the earth, the fire!

The essence of all Amebix lyrics: this is close to quantum physics and buddhism