07-24-2022: Aerochicks & The Iron Maidens,

Munich Backstage Werk, 800 spectators


I have to admit that I never liked Aerosmith but "Dream On" and "Sweat Emotion". Aerosmith incorporated stadium, big, bigger and over the top. The Aerochicks reduce Aerosmith to what a band is supposed to do: perform by having fun on stage, reduce the fuss to the max, that means: only the music counts and be glad about the roadies, especially the soundtech, you have with you. Brilliant. I will not become an Aerosmith fan but for sure: I will see this excellent band again. One question remains: Where can I get this internally lit drum kit?

The Iron Maidens

To see Iron Maiden in a club or a smaller venue was possible before they signed their EMI contract in 1979. Even their first support tour for KISS passed in big venues for about 5000 spectators in Germany. Their following "Killers"-Tour led them through venues for 3000 spectators, same as the Beast on the Road"-Tour in 1982. In 1983, 1984, 1986 and 1988 they only played in venues, ranging from 6000 to 10000 spectators in Germany.

So as a German, you never had the opportunity to hear Iron Maiden that close as it happened at the Werk. Of course, you can listen to these songs on huge PAs and watch the band on huge screens during huge festivals, but the feeling, that these songs cause is far beyond any description. Here in this location, all the songs poured out an incredible freshness and a timeless fascination. But the songs were only that good due the band that played them. Despite all technical and timing issues, The Iron Maidens managed that all the songs poured out an incredible freshness and a timeless fascination combined with some winks, if a song wasn´t perfect at all. We as spectators have to be thankful for this band, which plays songs that are meant to be played in front of a huge crowd, instead in the intimity of a club.

Iron Maiden quickly went to big, The Iron Maidens offered us a big individual emotional event.