Nocebo - Atmospheric Depressions destroy the Ambience, 2021

We had a severe Calima on February 2021 on La Palma. So I had the idea about a concept album about the evolution of a calima. "Ligurian Depression" is the reason that "Tricky Trade Winds" blow from the Sahara into this depression. When they blow across the Sahara desert, they transport a huge amount of sand with them, which is called "Calima". The sky is now full of dust and sand. That causes the evolution of rainclouds, combined with a strong western wind, which leads to "Horizontal Rain" on La Palma. Clouds of the Type "Lenticularis" announce the rain on the Island. A "Strangled Jetstream" in the Arctic regions during winter causes a drop of cold air (Atmospheric depression), rushing over the Atlantic Ocean. So we have snow on our mountains, a "Sierra Nevada". And when all of these phenomens disappeared, we have regained our "Calms of Cancer", with low winds, partly cloudy sky and 20°C and a "Dashboard of Dust".