The bluesy opening of this record will be just one musical direction of this - I tell it now - fantastic album. "Antagonism" presents itself as a ride through different musical land- and soundscapes, from blues through laidback and chilled trippy sounds, crossing an edgy and sludgy part, just to return to the beginning. "The Giant" is dominated by a leading distorted bass, and a more driving and direct speed and drumming. This song seems to be from an other band, but in fact it´s still the same band. For the first three minutes, then the mood and the atmosphere changes to a more meditative section, which will be swept away by a heavy Doom riff and sludgy vocals, finished by the meditative fade-out.

"Mythos" starts with a fuzzy doom part, just to turn into relaxed jam with beautiful guitar harmonies. Then, the first part forces you to bang your head, no matter during the fast or the slow part. "Four Princes" is dominated by a lot of fuzz, epic vocals over a more Metal oriented rhythm. Could be song on a Morne album. 

"Epilogue" stands as a reprise of the introduction in this album, as a shorter essence of all what these Canadians have offered us on this passed trip through the album. A well balanced album with no lenghts, breaks at the right time and no predictable parts within the songs. Great record.


Nuff said.. a clear overkill for this outstanding and diversified record.