Six Months of Sun - Below the eternal Sky

After viewing some recent Karma to Burn live videos on Youtube, the autoplay considered me this record. And that was all I wanted to listen to. The heavier and more metal version of Karma to Burn and the instrumental and musical skills and the organic soundscapes of Elder without vocals. Yes, this are quite luxury problems to find records to hear in one row and to please my 45 year old music library in my head. In 2016 and 2017 I found this kind of music in Ephedra´s two records, this year in the Swiss trio Six Months Of Sun.

The opening riff on "Riddle of Steel" is as simple as it could be, lead by a harmonic hook, leading to a could be a vocal line in a traditional song, back to the opening riff, broke by another hook, and so on, dynamic changes through stopped riffing, until the mighty opening riff closes in a heavy doomy part this monster of a song. Nothing is predictable, each part leads logically to the next one and all together it results an organic, slightly progressive stoner rock song, without the usual pedalboard wanking.

"The Barbarian" kicks off with a tribal drumming and the reminescence for the iconic 20 riff of Karma to Burn. This song is much straighter and less complex than its ancestor, more in a Karma to Burn style.

"Mud Horse Rider" starts with a halftime drumming on 5/4 and refuses to unveil the climax,  leading us to these incredible last two minutes of this song.

Up to now this is really masterclass in composing, with a powerful production with a slightly distorted bass in different backgrounds and dominating guitars and drums. 

"Anvil of War" reprises an in-a-between of Monster Magnet and Karma to Burn, a more rocking and faster version of this two mentioned bands.

"Savage Sword" and "Dragon Hunter" are comparable in dynamic and riffiing, but the last mentioned surprises with a syncopic rhythm of drums and bass.

"Death of Iron" spreads a more doomy atmosphere in its slowly, sludgy riffing. This song I really don´t like, hopefully "The Birth of Doom", the last song will not keep its title.

Yes, it does, dominated by a mighty bass and and hypnotic guitar riff and one of these could be a vocal line guitar hooks. And with a torturous repetion of riffs, like Electric Wizzard celebrate their ends of concert, this fantastic record ends and 37 minutes are over as it would have been 3 minutes. A clear 10 of 10 record.!!

Thank you guys!!

A more than deserved overkill for this rollercoaster of a record, 37 minutes of fascinated hearing this record.

"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.