After In Flames´ "Goodbye" to Melodic Death Metal there is a evident possibility for deez Germans to conquer this vacant siege. The band managed to get a clear musical direction within the past four years and, in my opinion, the clearest sound, despite the decent keyboards in the background. They cut off the cold industrial sound effects as you will find in Soilwork´s or In Flames´ songs. Actually, this album is a traditionally composed and produced with a dominating voice in the front of the center and a massive rhythm section in the background. All of the songs are filled with killing hooks, melodies and lead breaks, combined with some surprising and unpredictable gimmicks, like samples, breaks. This album is just a homogenic whole on a high musical and composing level with one highlight chasing the other. What an improvement and what a musical statement. Congrats guys!!

This album is a clear Inferno; a homogenic, no filler album with a perfect and timeless production, with remarkable and unpredictable songs and parts, created by a band with high musical skills, which is listenable in one row, banned all their precision and energy on record