Spiral Skies - Blues for a dying Planet

Finally you´re ready for this amazing album whose influences range for 40 years, including this poweful voice that reminds me at Grace Slick. "Awakening" is such a mighty and harmonic opener with decent metal guitars. "Dark Side of the Cross" caught me with a more folky orientated songwriting and a choral blended chorus, almost like Magna Carta. Very catchy up to now.

"Wizzard´s Ball" is the more proggy mix of folk, proto Heavy Metal,

The structure of all following song is well balanced between Folk, a bit of Doom, early Heavy Metal and each and every song takes you through unpredictable voyages through late 60´s, early 70´s folk, Progrock and late 70´s Hard an Heavy Rock.

Meanwhile, a lot of bands find in their records of their parents the right inspiration for their music. I guess, most of the parents own the same records in Sweden so the bands are getting more and more similar. Spiral Skies´ voice is one aspect to recognize them in this huge pool of retro bands.  So. this will be awarded by the Iron Fist.