Orange Goblin & Saint Vitus, 10-22-2014; Munich, Backstage, 250 spectators

 The concert was like a ride on a bulldozer or a tank; we stepped in this vehicle called “Orange Goblin” and rolled all the landscape down. Under the command of the huge and sympathic singer Ben Ward we cruised from the opener “Scorpionica” through “Acid Trails”, “Bloodzilla”, and “Bloodhex” and so on. To start the concert with “Scorpionica” was like starting a concert with “Ace of Spades” in 1981 by Motörhead. There were no great musical differences between the songs, but the band´s intensity on stage, their charismatic stage acting was that attractive, so we went sorry that it finished after 45 minutes. What a show!! It was like a Motörhead-concert: nothing special happens on stage but if you like that kind of music, you don´t need dragons and flames and monsters on stage.


Setlist Orange Goblin

1.     Scorpionica 

2.     Acid Trial 

3.     Saruman's Wish 

4.     Sabbath Hex 

5.     Heavy Lies the Crown 

6.     Blue Snow 

7.     Some You Win, Some You Lose 

8.     Into the Arms of Morpheus 

9.     The Devil's Whip 

10.  The Fog 

11.  They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls) 

12.  Quincy the Pigboy 

13.  Red Tide Rising



And if you think, there couldn´t be a better concert, with more atmospheric Doom-Metal, with guys like Dave Chandler and Wino Weinrich at the front and the huge, sumo-wrestler looking drummer Henry Vasquez as powerstation in the back. I mean, their music isn´t that complicated, Dave Chandler´s solos are consisting more from effects than from technical skills and a bass which went along the guitar isn´t that exciting. But what made this concert so special? It was the entire band, the pioneers in Doom-Metal, their proud about their invented style in heavy music. All equipment was suited for this kind of music: even Chandler´s ESP guitar had to crash so he could use a Gibson SG with a far better sound. The light was brilliant, superbly timed on the music and the rare movements of the musicians; the sound was clear loud and brilliant too.  Wino didn´t need to do great things on stage, just acting like a rockstar, hanging on his microphone and letting his hair hang down.

Nothing diverted from the music and the band, even no crowdsurfer and no stagediver.


You have to see both bands on stage because modern equipment creates a far more better sound than so called vintage/retro sounds and: they had really personality.

Look out for them!!


1.     Living Backwards 

2.     I Bleed Black 

3.     War Is Our Destiny 

4.     Blessed Night 

5.     Let Them Fall 

6.     White Stallions 

7.     The Troll 

8.     The War Starter 

9.     The Lost Feeling 

10.  H.A.A.G. 

11.  Dying Inside 

12.  Clear Windowpane 

13.  Born Too Late