Kvelertak & Cancer Bats, 10-24-2023, Backstage Munich

1300 spectators, sold out

cancer bats

I remind my friend Poun from Black Bomb A, wearing a Cancer Bats shirt around 2008 - 2014. I checked them a couple of times and also before their gig at the Backstage. They are two bands: the disciplined studio band and the full throttle live band. Their concert was almost one hour of non-stop action on stage and a ride through all different kinds of heavy music, sometimes in one song. And after that, almost half of the audience cheered this fantastic band. Usually, stage announcements are more a rhetorical affair. Liam (singer) made me laugh with sentences like "How many people saw us last year with Hatebreed? 7? So last year´s effort was a good  investment, now 700 people know us." Just to mention one of his quotes. Highlight: the duet with Fergie, the female singer of the band Cookie Witch, made us goosebumps.


Since the first time we saw Kvelertak in 2010 at the Feierwerk in Munich, actually nothing changed on stage and within their music. Kvelertak created a unique style with their first album and managed to conserve their sound and style since then. Also their power on stage. The best choice was to draw Ivar on vocals who pretends to be drunk, but he isn´t because he didn´t miss one use to sing and he didn´t fail to sing, and of course Havard on drums, who started to sweat 10 minutes before the concert ended.

Their setlist was a well balanced choice of their 5 albums and the crowd reacted to all of the songs; there was pogo, wall of death, dancing and banging among a very multifaceted audience, wearing shirts from Immortal, Ramones, Kyuss, Mastodon, wearing Turbojugend jackets or gothic clothes. Surprisingly a great percentage of female spectators not only followed the concert, no, they crowdsurfed and danced and banged. It was a fantastic concert because the band covered such a lot of musical styles so nobody felt strange in the audience.