Desertfest Berlin 2024 reveals running order
Festivals · 16-05-2024
SOMOSA - Indian food snacks REGER BURGER - vegetarian/vegan burger LAUSBUB - Allgäuer Kässpätzle, Leberkassemmi GRINSEKÄFFCHEN - Coffee and tea, cake, cookies SLICES OF DOOM PIZZA - Pizza DESERTFEST BBQ - grilled Thuringian bratwurst, steaks, fries We offer a very good locally brewed beer at our bar in the courtyard. The small private brewery BERLINER BERG presents the classic Pils and a specialty Red Beer

Keep it low´s line-up is complete

News from Blue Moon Festival
Festivals · 12-05-2024
The organization team managed to book Wolfmother for Sunday and some other bands too, so they had to add the Friday for the festival. If you have already a ticket, you can pay an upgrade of 25€ for the additional day.

Desertfest Berlin latest announcements
Festivals · 04-05-2024
Citation&Repost from Facebook: "For this year's Desertfest, we have come up with a special feature for all out-of-town guests due to horrendous hotel prices. All guests with tickets can now book an overnight ticket for 15 euros/night. You will spend the night on the floor of the Columbia Theater, which will be covered with pond foil. All you need is a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. Earplugs and toothbrushes are strongly recommended! The toilets are open throughout the entire period. The...

M:O:A: announces running-order
Festivals · 04-05-2024
Some of these bands are mentioned in this fantastic documentary on arte. Sorry, it´s made for ze Germans.

15th edition of Pietra Soncia Festival 2024
Festivals · 15-04-2024
Beside the line-up, the landscape, the venue, the food and especially the beer - Bräu im Moos from Lower Bavaria - are reasons to visit this festival.

Maximum Festival 2024 unleash the kick-off times.
Festivals · 15-04-2024
This festival is a kind of family reunion; Go Down Records is an open minded label with a wide range of musical directions. Check the artists button below. The venue - the bar and restaurant Altroquando - is situated around 15 km west of Treviso on the countryside, including a fantastic restaurant, an indoor stage and an outdoor stage. For me who grew up with Alice, Adriano Celentano, Toto Cotugno and Milva - among others - this festival is a statement that Italian bands know how to rock. Some...

Lazy Bones Festival´s Line-up is complete
Festivals · 15-04-2024
A festival with bands which don´t need any explanations; one day festival and full throttle ahead. Check the ticket button below.

Rock im Wald publishes day split
Festivals · 05-04-2024
The festival is actually sold-out. But there is an open secret to call the organization team for tickets

Stoned from the Underground banded up its sleeve

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