Dune Sea - Self Titled LP

It´s difficult to find the right band; these guys are from Norway and not from North Carolina. And so it´s obvious, that the musical skelleton is formed by TRBNGR. To this hipswinging and headbanging music they added some late 90´s and actual Hawkwind synthies. None of their songs lasts longer than 4 minutes, no endless boring riffing for 257 minutes for one song. So, needless to say, if a band manages to combine two of my favorite bands and to create short songs with no predictable structures, to which the girls swing their hips and the boys bang their heads, this is a hot candidate for ze record of ze year. 


1. Pentobarbital and Ethanol

2. Dune Sea

3. Future

4. Morphine

5. Green

6. Astrodelic Breakdown

7. Bounty Hunter

8. Awake

9. Cosmic Playground