Frank Kozik 1962 - 2023

Frank Kozik's art was common property, which is only recognized after his death. Nobody cared about the artist of the US concert posters or the cover artist of the 90s. The comment was: Wow, those are great album covers. Now that every band that formed in the '90s has come up with their obituaries and album covers, it must be acknowledged that the aesthetic of harder and alternative rock music for two decades has been largely defined by Frank Kozik. The covers show how classic this aesthetic is after 30 years: they have lost none of their freshness, provocation and identity-creating otherness. Heavystoned would not exist without the record label Man's Ruin Records. Frank Kozik recognized the potential and new meaning of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Desert Sessions for the rock scene. These bands built the bridge to the rock of the 70s with today's amp and effect technology. These bands breathed new life into classic rock, incorporating influences from the past 50 years and opening up new horizons to the entrenched genre. It was Frank Kozik's merit to recognize all this and to have transferred it to 2K as a matter of course.