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Chapter I, The discovery


In May 2004, I had to play a gig with my band Aspirin Kit in Landau, Germany. So Petra and I decided to spend some holidays in this region. We first arrived in Hagenau/Alsace and found the record shop Music, Music. We wanted to hear the latest and the best french Punk and Metal bands, so Michel, the owner, seduced us to buy around 15 CDs. Some of them were from a band called Black Bomb A and the two songs I heard first were "Burn" and "Look at the Pain". From this moment, we wanted to see this band live one stage, after having some beers in the shop.


This is the village of Polignac in the centre of France, where we spent our holidays in may 2008. Petra bought the French edition of RockHard and in there we found the announcement, that Black Bomb A will headline the 4th Tomawok-Festival on Saturday, 17th of May, 2008 in Nice. That meant, we had to hurry for visiting all our caves in the Dordogne region and to go in one row from there to Nice.

Chapter II, Becoming a part the family

Tomawok-Festival Nice, 5-17-2008

This festival marked our entry into the French Metal scene and what we never expected in this moment; this band made us to organize concerts and promote the band. And the band became a part of our family.

East-West-Festival, Lille, 11-7-2008

Half a year later and with a lot of research in the actually not existing internet, we finally found out, that our beloved band will headline the East-West-Festival in Lille. So we decided to spend the autumn holidays with our two kids Miriam and Lukas in Paris, to show and introduce them to our band. We also had the chance to meet the Budapest based Superbutt with their charismatic singer Andras Vorós, which became one of our best buddies. Our kids really enjoyed Black Bomb A, on and off stage. We gifted a case of Augustiner Beer from Munich for all the bands and we had a blast of time. Djag asked me after the show to contribute and translate a line into German for their upcoming song "To reactivate". Monstrum. Ist bereit. Vorzündung. Vier, drei, zwei, eins. Das Monstrum, steigt auf, hör doch, den Ton des Bombenalarms.


Black Bomb A, Orange Bleue, Vitry-le-François, 4-4-2009

We began to plan our holidays in France and Switzerland around concerts of BBA. This was the first one so we got an idea about the class of French venues. Orange Bleue is a brilliant venue with a classy backstage area and excellent food. So we gifted Black Bomb A again the traditional case of Augustiner Beer from Munich and we received one of Hervé´s cymbals with the autographs of all members. Holy shit, we were so touched from this moment. Also that we were mentioned (Martin & Petra & family) at the special thanks section on their album "From Chaos"

During the same trip, we also visited Djag in his home at Montpellier, France. 

Black Bomb A on the road to Italy, 5-18-2009

I got a call from Poun after we saw them in Vitry 2009. BBA had to play a gig in North Italy and they needed a stay to overnight. So they came along to sleep in our house, to have some beers and we showed them Munich.

Black Bomb A, 5-30-2009, Yverdon-les-Bains

What an honour! I had to be the lightman and I saved Sam´s amp from falling down of the stage.

Chapter III, booking time


Black Bomb A & Slamdamn & Rien ne vas plus, 4-23-2010, Backstage Club, Munich

Petra and I did street-work at the Backstage for Nuclear Blast and for the Sommernights Openair-Festivals in Austria. And so we asked their booker and press agent Dani, if a private person can organise a concert at the Backstage. Yes, it is so we booked BBA for their first show in Germany before they left for their first gig in Prague. I actually booked our Munich homies Slamdamn as a support and spread the news in the few forums for Metal and Punk. A few days later, an Austrian guy called Smoky, wrote me an E-Mail, because his band Rien ne vas plus are huge BBA fans and they wanted to play with them. So I booked them too, bought the catering for the three bands, did the catering for the bands, worked at the desk and cheered happy people from all over Southern Germany. After the show, BBA were invited by our village´s youth association to celebrate their gig and celebrate in general. And on the next morning, they were also guests as the tree of may were lifted. And after this, they left for Prague.

This was a special gig, because it was a part of my Rock´n Roll-Weekend with 3 different concerts on three days.

Black Bomb A, Traffic Jam Open Air, Dieburg, 7-17-2010



After our success in organizing concerts with Black Bomb A, we decided to prepare their second gig in Munich. And we already had a great local support with our beloved skatepunkers from Straightline. And we already reserved the venue. But les BlackBombs didn´t answer and we wondered about this silence and nobody told us, what was happening in the background. 

Montpellier, 4-12-2011

A sad day, as we visited Djag in his home in Montpellier. He told us, that he had split off Black Bomb A. He started his profession as an educator for adolescents and of course, he wanted to spend more time with his son and his family.

Yes and so Shaun replaced Djag and Jacou replaced Etienne, who still played bass on "Enemies of the State".

Black Bomb A, Mulhouse, 11-28-2011

That was our first concert with Shaun as the second voice besides Poun. A quite chaotic concert.

Black Bomb A, Linz, Posthof, 2-3-2012

This was a remarquable concert because my father died four days later and the whole band offered me condolences and they mourned with me. This was one of the deepest moments a band can do for you.

And they gave me a camera to record them backstage, which was published in Black Bomb A live and private, Part 1. Jacou was introduced as the new bassplayer and failed in the historic table football match between him and Hervé and me. i was caught in a locked section at the Posthof together with Vince Lights and I had to call Poun´s russian girlfriend to get us out there. 

My First review for "Enemies of the State"

progressive hardcore at its best

February 6, 2012

Format: Audio CD

Black bomb A are a phenomenon; For 17 years together, umpteen line-up changes, 3 different singers in 17 years and every new record is like a phoenix from the ashes. Complex songs, surprising breaks, tempo changes, no hint of boredom. Although this album lacks the BBA-typical growls of Djag or Arnaud, Poun's voice is along with that of Shaun (of Drive by Audio) THE trademark of this record.

Tips for playing: the opener "Come on Down", which is the first highlight with blastbeats, groovy rhythms and rap vocals;

"Enemies of the State", reminiscent of "Black At Bomb's A Look", with a strong, clean vocal line by Poun,

"Destruction" with an extremely aggressive vocals by Shane, paired with clean choruses,

"Take Control" an old-school hardcore baseball player with earwig refrain, the same goes for the pre-release single "Pedal to the Metal".

The final piece ... "Hell on Earth", which goes from the doomy start to the melodic Hardcore with a NuMetal-Part back to Hardcore with great choruses to a nearly 3-mute Doommonster with an alternating song between Poun and Shane. My song for 2012 !!

Ah .. did I forget about the intelligent-angry lyrics?

Watch that you plan your France vacation around Black Bomb A!

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Rock Festival Durpuy, 2012

Hellfest 2012

We fucking missed this hell of a concert because I didn´t have school holidays to get there.

Black Bomb A, Biberach & Munich, 12-13&14&15-2012

Again: BBA stayed in our house with all of Lukas´ friends, had a lot of Augustiner Beer and a lot of fun.

1. Historical moment during the Munich concert: nobody in the audiene knew "Mary" to sing along.

2. Historical moment during the Biberach concert: Joby´s warm-up, which is captured on Black Bomb A live and private, Part 1

Hellfest, 2013

During each Hellfest´s edition we meet somebody of Black Bomb A. This year, we were honoured by the French supergroup project "Le Bal des Enragés", including members of Tagada Jones (Nicko, Job, Stef), Loudblast (Stef Buriez), Parabellum (Schultz und Jens- R.I.P.), Poun (Black Bomb A), Renaud (Lofofora) and others. So we meet Poun.


Hellfest 2014

Joby was the first one we met at the Metalcorner on Thursday, then Jacou on the next day at 9 a.m., then meeting with Hervé and his wife Helène to have a coffee together at 9.30 a.m. As usual.

Black Bomb A, Belfort, 9-12-2014

Historical Moment: Arnaud charged me 15€ for a BBA-Shirt. This was the first time in all those years I had to pay for a shirt of them.


This is the back of their 2015 release "Comfortable Hate", which they presented on their tour through France. As usual, this superb record never made its way to Germany, so we decided to book Black Bomb A again together with "Get the Shot" in our beloved Backstage. 

Black Bomb A, Spring Tour 2015, Six-fours-les plages, Lyon, Sainte Dié

Chapter IV, The lost of our kids

Black Bomb A, 10-20-2015, Munich, Backstage

This concert was different; it was the first time that BBA could not stay and sleep in our house, because we rented it. So it was more like a normal concert for them, but not normal for us. We left us a bit sad due to this situation.

Anyway, BBA makes people travel from easter Germany to Munich. So did my friend Sven Kunze from Grube Erna 3.


Black Bomb A, 4-28-2016, Les Prisons, Moidons

Since 2009: We started our holidays with a concert of BBA. And we recognized that the smartphones substituted the beer in the backstage area

Chapter V: If the kids are united, so they can´t be devided

Black Bomb A, 6-23-2018, Hellfest

This concert was the best one we ever have seen from them. Power, sound, acting and timing on stage. Just perfect. And we finally found time to talk with all of them as we did ten years before. Fantastic time with them.

2022, 07-07-22; Black Bomb A & Cromags, Backstage, Munich

On July 9th, Black Bomb A were supposed to play at the Fjaitfest close to Brünn in Tchech Republic. On 16th of June, during our stay at the Hellfest and during a cigarette under Alvaros tent, I had the idea to ask Dani, our friend and chief booker at the Backstage, if Black Bomb A could play as support for the Cro-Mags on their way to Fjaitfest. He said yes and within two hours, the concert flyer was ready and Black Bomb A were stoked to play with one of their favorite bands. They received a good salary and they convinced half of the Cro-Mags audience to buy something on the merch. Yeah!

The biggest issues were caused the strike of the French Railway companies, because they live in different cities in France and they had a concert in Dunkerque on 6th of July. So they barely managed to gather there. Munich was a blast.


Chapter VI: Changes

On February 3, Hervé announced that he will leave BBA after 21 years. He was replaced by Jordan Kiefer, who is almost half as old as the rest of the band. One month tater, Etienne told me, that he will rejoin BBA after Jacou announced that he will leave BBA after 12 years. Jacou will focus himself on his new band Dropdead Chaos. Off course we will follow our band for the next couple of years and on their tour with Crowbar in May 2023, because this band reflects almost all our personalities: punk, anger, harmony, fun and I guess more.


Chapter VII: The shows goes on

New members, new album, new tours and of course we will celebrate our 5th organized concert on 7th of April at the Backstage, after 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2022. The support will be alqemist from Regensburg. It will be a full blast with these two bands.