Stonerhead - Flying High

In my age you survived as a musician and music consumer around two rebirths of 70´s rock; it was called Grunge in the 90´s or Stoner in nowadays. In between there was a lot of non-listenable music like Alternative Rock, Noise Rock, Americana and so on. 

All of them styles had their "Ace of Spades"-Moment in a song or in one record. And if you remind yourself you will find 10 or 20 songs to benchmark them. If this goes in a flow and without planning you will worship this album. Ze Germans perform their 5 - 7 minutes lasting songs with a more Metal-oriented sound and a dynamic alternating tempo and rhythms.

"Someone Please" opens the album and you don´t know where this song leads to; through some Heavy Blues, Alternative rock, hard riffing Metal and a haze of psychedelic. "Obsession" fits more in an actual Stoner Festival although the sound isn´t that fuzzy or distorted; the groove matters in this song.

My favorite track is "Super Mario", a track which reminds me at "You wish" by Unida. Nuff said. A rollercoaster of a song.

"Need some Time" and "Running Low" linger along a grungy, bluesy mood and attitude, a bit of foad, both songs are a bit too slow for me.

The best song concerning tension, power and dynamics is the last one; "Tweaky Mind" unites all the missing heaviness of the past two songs. This song is actually the essence of a perfect songwriting forging Doom, Fuzz, Grunge and Heavy Rock to an angry monster of a song. A fantastic song song to close this record which is a a kaleidoscope of tasty heavy music.