Motorpsycho? - Yay!

"i am the lizard king. i can do anything"

Jim Morrison´s quote could be taken for a red line throughout Motorpsycho´s career. This opus is knocked-down to the basics of Rock: a lot of acoustic strumming, a kind of late Blind Melonesque or Mudhoneyesque sound and style, which could be consumed by tidy up the household. 

It's unusual that Motorpsycho produce an album that you can listen to in passing and that doesn't force the listener to concentrate 100% on the music. Well, when a band has traversed every extreme of creativity in 30 years, it makes logical sense from an artistic point of view to create such a record. The listener inevitably searches for a meaning behind this ouevre and thus the band manages to interest the listener in the artistry of this album. That means, even if it is only a predominantly acoustic banging on the surface, there is much more behind it, which only becomes clear after listening to it several times. Motorpsycho's musical trademarks are hidden in each track; be it jazz, prog, folk, punk, space. The beauty of it is that all of these trademarks are packed into 3-5 minute songs rather than a 15 minute monster. Actually, this record is a perfect introduction to the world of Motorpsycho.