Disillusion livestream from Werk 2, Leipzig, 04-13-2020

Sequence of the Concert

Wow, it will be a real concert in a real concert venue with a brilliant light and sound technican. Andy Schmidt (vocals, guitar and mastermind of Disillusion) gets ful limelight and the concert kicks off with

1. Wintertide


17min58: Andy talks to the invicible crowd on the computers following the stream. He welcomes the audience like he always does.

2. The Great Unknown


31min54 - 34min02: "Clap if you like it and we feel it through the universe. It´s nice to interact with you" Yes, this is called Quantum Physics. And he tells the audience to leave comments on the chat collumn to give a feedback and the promise to answer the questions. Wow, it´s getting more personal, I can talk with my favorite group? Andy Schmidt is talking to me personally in my living room? Great!


3. A Shimmer in the Darkest Sea

4. Time to let go

5. The Black Sea


49min - 54min: Andy Schmidt starts to read and answer to the comments. He mentioned that the livestream reaches people in places where the band couldn´t have played before. He answering the story behind "The Mirror cracked", the ongoing working- process for the following album and that he would like to cover a Soundgarden song. He admits that it feels like playing in the rehearsal room where also nobody is clapping. And..maybe there will be an evolution take place for the future. This was the first positive quote during Covid-19.


6. Alea

7. Back to the Times of Splendor


1h21min - 1h25min: Andy gives us an insight of their kind of homeoffice. Their work is writing for the next album in the same way like homeoffice takes place with conferences via internet. And to motivate the followers to donate and support for doing the next album. Of course, he acts a bit uncertain for not obtaining a direct response for his acting as musician and for the concert.  


8. The Mountain


The band acted like they did during their concert in Lissabon. But Andy´s authentic announcements turned into personalized messages which made the emotional difference between the live streams of other bands. Maybe the Covid-19-Crisis is a strange situation with keeping a social distance and isolated working, but the human mechanisms should still work: Having empathy, being friendly, helpful and emotional is not forbidden.

Manners and attitude matters and Disillusion had them both.

Usually, you have to wait quite a while to get in contact with your favorite band and to have a chat with them. So we did after their concert in Lissabon. All of our musicans we met during our work are glad about a personal and founded feedback about their show, which stays in their mind.