Barabbas - La mort appelle tous les vivants

Doom-Metal never was my kind of music; too slow, too repetitive, poor vocals and poor production. Only the band Morne from Boston fascinates me with their epic riffs and sheer power during their slow and their fast parts.

These french guys from Barabbas exist since 2007 and they will release their latest record on December 9th. That was mentioned in the E-Mail. So I checked the promo-stuff and got stuck in their latest oevre. Sung in French which puts some more pain and suffering in the songs. The opener "Je suis mort depuis bien longtemps" is situated closer to Monkey3 and Cathedral than to Saint Vitus or Black Sabbath. "Le saint riff rédempteur" is almost a galopping midtempo-rocker to turn into a slow devastating riff-monster. My favorite song is "Le cimetière des rêves brisés" which contains an almost endless turning guitar solo and these remarkable powerful and trained vocals. So, as always, I asked why this band hasn´t played at the Hellfest and why did they split up despite their musical skills and visions?

This record is one of the hidden highlights of 2022


"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.