I know that there is no desert and the matching vegetation in the far western French city of Brest. And I know, that you´ll not find a useful highway to play this album at maximum volume. Yes, and you also have to imagine the payotes and cojotes surrounding you on your trip to the heather vegetation in the Brest area. "Obsolescence" opens this powerfully produced album with a driving drum and riff until this Jimmy Newquist (Caroline´s Spine) vocals in an  Alice in Chainsesque vocal line starts. A straight forward rocking piece of Stoner blended kick ass rock. The grungy atmosphere stays also through the two following tracks "Glory Pain" and "Chameleon", the only Stoner element is the riffing and guitar tuning. "Roadblock" offers more harmonic vocals over a forward whipped riff and drumming. Up to now, I found two new favorite songs for driving, Obsolescence and Roadblock. Let´s start the second half of the album. "Animalia" is the halftime neckbreaker with an incredible poweful drumming. Up to now, the band put the pedal to the metal. "Hourglass" comes along with a heavy midtempo beat and a threatening and epic vocal line. "Take it as it comes" is a piece full of hate and anger just to tear off your head from your neck, stuffed with a dark and sinister atmosphere. Some proogy incredients spice up  "Trick up your sleeve", also the chorus´. This song offers more a Karma to Burn riff attack than grunge influences. This track is also banned on my 2018 playlist. "Sqamata" is more a filler, but the riff for the closer "Matador" is just a killer and again the character of the vocals changes again and I´m waiting unpaciently what will happen the next four minutes. What a mantra of riffing and singing. Actually this song is pageant of all what the band offered us in their past songs. It pushes and pushes, without taking breath. A album like the 500 miles of Indianapolis: a lot of peaks, power and passion. 

An album rated with "Ace of Spades" shows a clear musical direction, combining actual styles, directions and production and avoid needless experiments.