a swarm of the sun - the woods

Usually I delete most of the promo material sent to me. Too much Doom, too slow, too noisy, too long. Actually I like Zeke, doing 20 songs on a record in 30 minutes.

But "The Woods" a record, from a band called "A Swarm of the Sun", which  I didn´t knew before, touched me after a few seconds. I mean, this music is the absolute oposite of Zeke. Three songs, each of them lasts 13 minutes. But the echos and resonances in your soul and especially in your mind last longer than the songs temselves. "Blackout" opens this trilogy of songs and how beautiful. A minor/major piano scale to introduce the violin, covering the hypnotic economically played drum. The magic of this song is the void between the notes and the crossing minor and major scales and if your heartbeat matches the drumming and you fell soaken by this archaic sparing soundscapes, you feel comfortably. Unless the guitars set in, to create a completely different mood and atmosphere, although they use the same sheme of composing like the piano and the violin before. You can feel simultaneosly an arctic and subtropic breeze surrounding your body. 

The title track lingers between the fragility of the vocals and the following orchestralic part, that marks the end of the static and quite character of the songs. 

"An Heir to the Throne" readapts the first part of "The Woods" and leads us over different scales of dynamic ranges to a multi-layer of guitars as a symphonic orchestra. Wow. I really got flashed and touched by this powerful, dynamic and harmonic record. No senseless cries as vocals to create a kind of tension and calm before the storm. No, this record is a constant redunding upbound masterpiece in style, instrumentation and composition. Postrock in perfection.

"Inferno" is given for a precision in timing and songwriting, a capture of live sound and energy and a perfect artwork.