Ampacity - Edisonade Final

Influenced by Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, Ampacity, is a musical collective, dedicated to exploring the regions of regressive rock, with stoner and space vibes. After they released their amazing debut album "Encounter One", followed by "Superluminal" and "The Sum Of All Flaws" EP, the band disbanded. In the beginning of 2023 Ampacity announced their return on stage as a 4-piece band and signed to Piranha Music to release their new album called "IV".

This is the official press text and I couldn´t imagine Hawkwind´s power and Floyd´s harmonies in one song, created by one band. I had to look back to find in the early stage of Hawkwind´s career a lot of symphonic songs which could go alongside of Pink Floyd. Anyway, there is this band putting together what actually is a contradiction and made it as their own creation. This is art. I´m impressed. Release date of their new record: 31st of march. I already excited.