ai vs hs
Personal · 23-03-2024
AI vs HS means to compare a review, done by myself as heavystoned, with an ai generated review. I had to use several steps. The first one was to choose a quite complex song upon I wrote already a short review for the daily peak at 12-26-2023. My choice was the song "Collision" by the Italian band "Mr. Bison", which you can read below.

Villagers of Ioannina City, an multi-layered approach
Personal · 12-03-2024
5 years after the release of their ground-breaking album "Age of Aquarius" and a lot of touring with this album and some Greek songs in their setlist, this album still stands as a monolithic landmark in the music scene. I never get tired to listen to this album and motivate friends and other people to listen to it. Maybe it was a mistake to release such an album so early in a career of a band. The band wrote about the main philosophical problem: where are we and where are we going. And if a...

Lex and Josh left Valley of the Sun
Personal · 06-11-2023
This is my absolute favorite post from one of our absolute favorite bands; Valley of the Sun at the Lake Wolfgang in Austria, one day before they destroyed the Backstage in Munich and four days before they blast off the roof at Rock im Wald 2022. I hope that the musical direction will remain as high as ever and I´m very curious how the rest of the band keep on rocking.

Some new stories behind the picture
Personal · 19-10-2023
This picture was taken at 6.40 a.m. No joke. Just read the story behind this picture.

The Nocebo on the homepage has changed
Personal · 29-08-2023
Quite a lot to organize for pleasing all of my personalities. The musician in me (Nocebo) was quite creative since 2020 and the journalist (Heavystoned) put it on the homepage, for that Ripsi Rebellion - the eternal punk - has something to complain about TuneCore.

Armin Hofmann left us, his influence stays
Personal · 25-08-2023
The period between January 1986 and October 1987 would have passed completely different without Armin Hoffmann and his massive influence in my buying of Non-Spotify-Records and seeing weekly Non-Spotify-Bands on stages in Southern Germany, mainly Black Forest. Armin Hoffman and Markus Steiger started somehow together doing their business.

Spelle is dead
Personal · 02-08-2023
One of the most emphatic and sympathetic people in Swabian music and culture business between 1994 and 2004 suddenly died on July 20th 2023. Volker Spellenberg ran the K2-Club in Heidenheim where a lot of German underground and subculture bands could play. Even foreign acts took the K2 as a step into the German music scene.

Dirty Little Secrets auf ARD-Mediathek
Personal · 21-06-2023
Für alle, die einfach ein Mal hinter die Kulissen ihres täglichen Musikkonsums werfen wollen, ist diese sehr gut recherchierte und inszenierte Serie der ARD ein Muss.

Steffen Weigand (My Sleeping Karma) died
Personal · 13-06-2023
I´m so sad for his surrounding people. I´m devastated.

The Stoner Freaks Anthology, a monster of a book
Personal · 06-06-2023
The Bible, not only in its dimensions also in its content; The Stoner Freaks Anthology written by Damien Regnauld and Xavier Bataillon, is 3kg beast, over 750 pages, a 22-by-30cm and 4cm-large format! Over 3000 stoner-rock and stoner-doom bands in the most up-to-date anthology of the genre available. The first issue is now sold out with 700 copies and this is the last chance for you to get a copy of this book printed in full colour.

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