King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard & The Prize, Tonhalle, Munich

8-21-2023, sold out, 2500 spectators

the prize

The prize from Melbourne were the support for King Giz. The band had Sheila on drums and vocals, surrounded by 4 Bruces, shredding semi-acoustic guitars and playing some late 70´s power pop in the style of Fuzzbox in two different tempos: quite fast and a bit slower. Musically not the right decision, maybe due a personal relationship.

ging gizzard and the lizard wizard


35€ for a shirt and 45€ for the ticket. We paid 45€ for Slayer, Slipknot, Mastodon and Hatebreed in 2004, which was called already quite antisocial. 

We were invited to this concert and actually we were polite to stay and wait what will happen the next hour or so. Musically absolutely not our thing. Anyway, it was important to see this band which released in the past 10 years about 30 records, which are full packed with the music history of the past 50 years.

And so it was the concert. You can save some money if you go a King Gizzard concert: you see a light-show like at Massive Attack, Muse or Hawkwind, musically it´s a mixtape of an alternative music festival like the Southside Festival with no boundaries between the different styles, played by 6 guys and you can freak out like at a Hardcore concert without having fear of tattooed muscle monsters in the mosh pit. A concert as a safe place. OMG!!!

The music reminds me on the movie "Everything everywhere all at once". As a musician you always have music in your head and everything has to be played, no matter where you are at the same time when you have an idea.

I know how difficult it is to reconcile four different characters and musical directions. We from my first band wrote maybe 15 songs in 6 years because we were so focussed on our personal part in the songs. King Gizzard taught me the opposite; put everything inside, you are free to do what you want. Skills don´t matter. 

The results of this way of thinking are endless jams which beat around the bush, actually a mirror of Generation Z´s attitudes. They collect all the colors of impressions and in the end it gets a grey, unstructured mush, packed in euphemisms.

The visual euphemisms of this concert were the lights to show the audience that a new song started and how wild the people had to move. So the lights structured the songs which are poor at highlights.

We learned more about our kids from this concert than in the last ten years.