This band delivered an incredible good concert early in the morning at the Hellfest´s Valley. So I got curious about their latest record "Film Noir".

Let me talk about this record as a soundtrack for a gangster movie, introduced by the melancholic "Thank your for the Song" as the main theme. "Camouflage" could be the first forward speeding catch, mainly influenced by QOTSA´s "No One knows" with Lux Interior´s voice.

On "Let it Bleed" could be some more cowbells - old BÖC-joke, and this song is also a genuflection in front of The Cramps and of course QUOTSA like its follower "My Rock´n Roll died".

"The Minute" lingers along like a parody or 60´s influenced rocksong, the harsh break re-guides this song in the robotic drumming style of QOTSA and back to the parody. Great Song and a good part in the movie. 

The gospel "Come to the River" is begging for the bad guys chasing another in the past songs and "Martyr with a plan" blends the classic crooning of  "Fever" with the drumming of QOTSA´s "Burn the Witch".

And there goes the hunt with my personal favorite "California sur Marne", although it´s just a glimpse of the large variety of styles of this band. It unites three typical tyles of Tarantino´s soundtracks: surf, punk and 60´s garage.

"Fandango" is opened and broken with a flamenco guitar, along goes a shredding guitar and a  depressing vocal-line to end this song. And the "Film noir" has got it´s "End Title" and this record could be the soundtrack for "Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri", this record is comedy, parody, thriller and western. Excellent record.

An Overkill for a great diversity of styles, the ideas behind the record, the production and the musical references.