Maximum Festival 10/4/2023, day #3


I am a huge fan of Hüsker Dü and Bob Mould, I like his voice and I like his special tone with a slight amount of white noise in it. The last time I heard that was in 1992 with his band Sugar. Since that was silence. And now at 3 pm, there is a band playing with Bob Mould´s voice, guitar sound and tone. No not Foo Fighters, Hüsker Dü. I went completely nuts with their music.


This band hailing from Porderonne committed one mistake: they sung one song in Italian, powerful, straight. This would be something different and also something special. I mean, Mäneskin also sing Italian and have huge national and international succes

krifi wag

Krifi Wag should be doing a music with less compromises. There was a bit of Alternative Rock there, a bit of Punk here, a bit of Stoner elsewhere, so it wasn´t that harmonic blend of styles other bands did. But maybe it was intended to perform and write music in this way.


These guys rock. No matter if they´re adding more Punk or Hardcore or Stoner: this band is a well greased power-station that tears the roof off. They know what to do on stage, correct posing, hard riffing and "Green Machine" as a cover to get the crowd moving and banging.


Their music was heavy like 50 shades of heavy or stoner. To balance 4 different heads and musical directions is quite difficult and so it was to follow their music. At least I liked always ½ or ⅔ of their songs and there was some disharmonic or some chords which didn´t fit. Interesting and intense concert.

joe shamano

This band´s music is actually made to perform outside. Due the instrumentation (pedal steel guitar, synths, acoustic guitar and drums), which creates a more than natural soundscape, that could be interact with the nature. It was a trippy experience to hear this music. Despite all the electricity in their instruments, their instruments sounded natural. 


OJM, the Italian institution concerning Garagerock, Protopunk, high energy performance on stage; actually the Italian MC5. Songs between 1min30 sec and 13 minutes, groovy, rockin´ and mindblowing music. Great


Doom, Death and Heavy Metal, sometimes in one song, performed by the Berlin-based band Aptera. Intense forward pushing drums, sharp riffing, two really good voices. Sometimes the breaks between Death and Doom were quite harsh, could be a bit smoother. But, hey, these ladies really rocked the Altroquando.