Ancient VVisdom - Mundus

"Human Extinction" is the opener in a relaxed, heavy mid-tempo manner, with decent keyboards in the background, with heavy riffing, twin guitars and intelligent lyrics. Sounds unreal? No. This song will be one of my all-favorites. "Plague the Night" represents an unique blend with slightly folky acoustic guitars strumming along in this dark and warm atmosphere. Almost so if "The Sisters of Mercy" would have been invited for MTV unplugged.

"I am everywhere" is the harsh interruption ofthe mood, which "Plague the Night" created. Reminds me on Joy Division´s lyrics with a well dosed quantum of NWOBHM. "Will to destroy"´s lyrics are obviously inspired by Morrisey´s sense of sarcasm, underlayed by Johnny Marr´s Telecaster sound.

My personal climax and actually also the essence of this album is the song "For the Glory of the Grave". Epic, powerful vocals, a catchy chorus, heavy riffs - no Black Sabbath clone - and an acoustic break before the epic opera starts, which leads to never ending guitar harmonies. Absolutely magnificent song.

"Desensitized" is an almost 4 minute long mantra like the intro of "Temple of Love" or "She´s lost control", a semi-acoustic song which is absolutely irresistible. "Severed Way" could be also a track on a Gun Club record. Incredible, how this manage to be heavy with relaxed and laid-back acoustic guitars, same as the fitting conclusion "Edge of the Abyss", a dark, melancholic epitaph on humans life.

A brilliant record, also due to the production, which didn´t turn this record into a lame Black Sabbath or The Sword clone or in a pure campfire record. Musically a brilliant balance between Heavy Metal, Doom, Dark Country, Dark Wave with intelligent lyrics and a hypnotising voice.