Meike and Rhys will blow your ears out on their concert aon May, 30th at 8pm CEST.
Disillusion will stream Gloria live from their rehearsal room at 11am CEST. Get the link on their Facebook Page.
This will be a huge Blast on Wednesday, 27th, live from the Domm Saloon: Clutch, Crowbar, Blacktop Mojo, Saul for 9US$.
I don´t care about what was already said about this record. This is my review and analysis of a record which changed my life from 1980, when I was 14 years old.
We like to rock, we like to have a beer with our buddies, we don´t want to be burden with some politican´s quote. We want to listen to good old rock. That´s the record for all this.
Sometimes wonders happens. I really was annoied about Witchcraft´s latest album "Black Metal", but I absolutely love "Nucleus" and "Legend". So this is the perfect blend between these three records, plus some dark atmosphere in all the songs, without being Doom Metal.
The self installed Corona Crisis will be a huge hiatus in the cultural life of each and every country. And there is no vionary idea to save this system.
No festivals, no concerts, no money or no chance to survive? An essay to understand what could happen in future times.
Heavystoned watched some live streams just to see the difference between a normal concert and a streamed concert. Four bands and one opinion. Check it out.
This is our winding story leading from our friendship with the Swiss pagan Metal band Eluveitie to our friendship with Salva Arteaga who guided us to the Hellfest and made me create Heavystoned.

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