Blue Moon Festival´s day split

Some summer sonic
Concerts & Tours · 11-06-2024
If you should miss these bands on one of the countless festivals, you will see them on another festival or in your local venue.

Elephant Tree (GBR) - Handful of Ten
Daily Peaks · 11-06-2024
If tags don't seem to fit together at first glance, it could be that someone is trying to describe the British band Elephant Tree in a few terms. At first I thought that the band Travis had recorded a fuzzed metal album or that Fran Healey from Travis had moved to North Carolina to jam with a few local sludge bands. No, not any of those things, it's our favorite weirdos Elephant Tree. The previously released song "Try" sounds like you're being run over by a bulldozer driven by the...

Sidewinder (NZL) - Talons
Daily Peaks · 11-06-2024
The fewer tags an album needs, the straighter the music is. This is what happened with the New Zealand band Sidewinder. They go through the entire history of stoner in just under 3 minutes with fat riffs, a fat fuzz guitar and a cutting, aggressive female voice. A fantastic appetizer for the album that will be released in August 2024.

Mise-Open-Air 2024 Live Report
Festivals · 09-06-2024
Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle ganz herzlich für die Einladung für dieses Kleinod an Festival bedanken. Die Organisation trotzte dem Wetter, sie war flexibel genug, als auf der A5 ein Unfall passierte und Destruction in Zeitnot kamen, sie organisierte Traktoren, um die Zuschauer aus den nassen und schlammigen Wiesen abzuschleppen. Die Location ist wunderschön gelegen. Von den einzelnen Campinggelegenheiten hat man einen unglaublichen Blick über das Osthessische Bergland und die Bühne...

Vape Dealer (CAN) - Crawling Home
Daily Peaks · 07-06-2024
Vape Dealer's first single comes with an irresistible boogie swagger, with wide tires, a slightly oily smell from the exhaust fed by a big block, rounded off with a voice from the androgynous mid-70s. The whole concoction races down the highway at 100 miles, kicks up a lot of dust and the fade out gives us the illusion that this trip will never end. Seldom have I heard such a great banger as a drive song. The entire album will be released on July 12th.

El Altar del Holocausto (ESP) - El Silencio de un Gesto
Daily Peaks · 05-06-2024
We could never get used to this band; we found the name just as repulsive as the Spanish Inquisition costume. These two aspects are diametrically opposed to the music of the band from Salamanca; since 2012, the band has been serving up the finest post-rock with numerous changes in dynamics and tempo, as well as influences from noise, doom or ambient, which demands a lot of attention from the listener. This is also the case with their new single "El silencio de un Gesto". It's not really new,...

Live Report Desertfest Berlin 2024
Festivals · 03-06-2024
This year's line-up was far more experimental than in previous years, which was obviously also the reason for the lower number of spectators than last year. If the usual suspects had been on the bill again, it would have been: "Again like Orange Goblin, Graveyard, etc." So the level of pre-Corona (over)saturation has apparently been reached again. The only difference is that transport and energy costs drove ticket and hotel prices to unprecedented levels. Added to this was the German Cup final...

Stoned from the Underground´s day split
Festivals · 24-05-2024
The running order will follow soon. For those about to stay one day, here are is the day split.

Vitskär Süden (USA) - Vessel
Daily Peaks · 18-05-2024
With their third album “Vessel”, Vitskär Süden once again presents completely relaxed, progressive, floating rock tones. In the form of a slowly creeping up and consistently calm listening experience, albeit based on a concept, it draws us into its dark, fantastic aura. Viskär Süden can increase their indulgent ability with each song. And with every song, this mindfulness-practicing, meditative basic structure draws you in. Psychedelic sounds that are intended to touch rather than make...

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