London Desertfest´s line-up almost complete
Festivals · 01-12-2023
A lot of bands close beside the usual suspects on the line-up. Quite interesting and motivating line-up to visit the festival.

Dimartis (Argentina) - Reverberaciones Vol. 1: Cuentos de polvo y vientos
Daily Peaks · 01-12-2023
I checked the daily news on my personal bandcamp algoritm and found the album. The song "Los Altares" started to soak me into a mesmerizing track between Sólstafir and My Sleeping Karma and a huge, semi-desert landscape with a mountain range in the back built up in front of my inner eyes. Then I read the band information and the band wrote "Patagonian band, Patagonian sound". Another example for that you can put a person out of the country, but you can´t put out the country out of a person....

The latest of Mos Eisley Spaceport
Heavystoned Albums · 30-11-2023
Some names really attract me, like this one. And after listening to their music, I find the whole thing really attractive. Check the review in the album report.

King Buffalo - Live at Burning Man
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
King Buffalo´s latest release captures their power, tightness and their trippy atmosphere during their concerts. A brilliant production in which you can listen to the tension and silence in the audience. This is a really fantastic live record, the feedback between the audience and the band is phenomenal.

Mars Red Sky (France) - Dawn of the Dusk
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
First of all, Mars Red Sky is painting with sounds and for me it´s more enjoyable at home at not in a concert venue. Their music needs time and also a lot of space and it´s far away from Rock´n Roll.

Professor Electric (USA) - Transition to Vilian
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
Professor Electric is the heavy fuzzed and distorted bastard of Kyuss, Slo Burn and Hermano. A lot of psychedelic and sludge vibes in their music, quite aggressive and groovy.

Organic Destruction (Germany) - Return of the Roo
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
Ze Germans from Hachenburg/Hamburg kick quite in your ass; a record which develops like a good wine; The band uses actually simple patterns for their song-writing, but the songs really blast and force you to bang, no matter on which road of heavy sounds the band roams.

King Weed (France) - Rest in Smoke
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
Karma to Burn are legend now, King Weed will be the new torchbearer of powerful and complex instrumental rock. Also one of the few instrumental bands with an idea to use Judas Priestesque harmony hooks and a production close to Priest´s "Stained Class" or "Killing Machine".

King Cruel (New Zealand) - Creeper
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
Not only the almighty Rugby Team is called All Blacks, King Cruel´s music is even blacker and more powerful than all the All Black; a sheer monster of Doom, Sludge, Crust and other grinding sounds.

INK (Greece) - Live Principal
Daily Peaks · 30-11-2023
The Greek band blends Metal with Grunge and Stoner in an epic way. Worth to listen to it, also due the vocals.

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