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Sweden´s Progers Svartanatt will release Last Days On Earth
Heavystoned Albums · 28-09-2023
This record really hit me hard with melodies, heaviness, unpredictable songs, a powerful voice and a modern production. Check the review!

And now something completely different.. Nytt Land
Heavystoned Albums · 22-09-2023
Nordic dark folk takes me to countries, harmonies and attitudes which are really exotic for me. Actually I´m more oriented in a southern way of life, but this nordic emptiness reflects the same emptiness which I found on my trips through the Sahara and other deserts. So following this, Nytt Land is a kind of nordic desert rock. Check the review.

Anuseye´s latest release lurking round the corner
Heavystoned Albums · 22-09-2023
Brilliant artwork covers brilliant music; a concept for a lot of bands labeled by Go Down Records. Anuseye did some steps back in the period of Protostoner and late Alternative, means around 1998 and so this record remains timeless.

Norway based progers Asmodean unleash their debut album
Heavystoned Albums · 22-09-2023
A great surprise to receive this promo record to listen to. Like former Norway Prog Metal institution Communic, this band´s able to blend styles from. the 70´s up to now. Fantastic record.

Nocebo´s latest release "Glue Devour"
Heavystoned Albums · 13-09-2023
A more doom influenced album, cool to cruise with it. And with a cover, created by AI.

US newcomers Born in Blood released their debut
Heavystoned Albums · 11-09-2023
It took a while to get some heavy grooving and punchy metal instead of hearing all the time Max Cavalera´s countless releases. Burn in Blood put a bit of Slipknot brutality into their mighty grooving metal. So this was one of the first bands this year which did something interesting.

Howling Giant´s latest masterwork
Heavystoned Albums · 04-08-2023
Finest keyboards, driving rhythm, snitches of Prog Rock, actually Yes meets Iron Maiden, served by great musical skills. You can pre-order or download it, release date will be in October 2023. A short review is to be checked.

Motorik Road Trip´s latest soundtrack for US-highways
Heavystoned Albums · 19-07-2023
Nomen es omen: This band wrote two songs for cruising on highways. You have to loop them and get mad about endless forward pushing riffs.

Budapest´s best; Zephyr´s latest album
Heavystoned Albums · 19-07-2023
It´s like putting the last 50 years of heavy music together and produce it like Metalcore, although the music lingers along a small border between Sludge, Hardcore or Doom

James Button Band´s latest release
Heavystoned Albums · 19-07-2023
Poznan isn´t situated in the desert, but the three members created some fine music which looks back in the 70´s, either the look or the sound of the band.

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