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Boveda del Sol (ESP) - Collective Unconsciousness
Heavystoned Albums · 13-05-2024
Once there was a boat, traveling in dark winter nights on a black water river. The sailors came out from Catalunya and the wanted to found a band. So they start fishing in this dark water and they captured Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal. Then they asked the devil what to do with all these fragments. And the devil wanted to throw the dice about the destiny of all these dark musical styles. So the band started to throw the dice and the devil creates a dark blend of harmonic music made out...

Stonerhead (GER) - Running high

Monkey3 (SUI) - Welcome to the Machine
Heavystoned Albums · 24-02-2024
I discovered the beauty of Monkey3´s compositions when we had two Italian guests in our former house. They asked us about our music which we are into. After a typical Italian-like screwball talk, I said: This song is our essence of music we like. And I put on "Icarus" and we all started to cry due the beauty of this song. Same happened at the Hellfest 2022 when my friend Jaime and I introduced some of his friends to "Icarus" and we cried. "Welcome to the Machine" is a more colder and technical...

The latest of Mos Eisley Spaceport
Heavystoned Albums · 30-11-2023
Some names really attract me, like this one. And after listening to their music, I find the whole thing really attractive. Check the review in the album report.

Albums, I forget to mention, Part 1
Heavystoned Albums · 27-11-2023
I discovered this band at the Rock im Wald festival 2023 and first I couldn´t cope with their music located around 1973 and blending Uriah Heep with early Rainbow, a bit of folk and late Purple. Actually not my cups of coffee. But this band manages it to take the best out of them and create something unique.

Tuber are back.. with a bang!
Heavystoned Albums · 27-11-2023
Greek instrumental rockers Tuber are back after six years. The release date will be 1st of December and you can purchase the record on their bandcamp site. Check the review.

Morne´s latest release "Engraved with Pain"
Heavystoned Albums · 29-10-2023
Finally.. One of my absolutely favorite bands released an album after a long break. I was really excited to read the announcement that Morne will release "Engraved with Pain" on November 3rd on Metal Blade Records. Bang!

Music from my hometown; The Spacelords published their latest album
Heavystoned Albums · 24-10-2023
I wrote about all their albums, I wrote with Matsch but until now, I never managed to see them live on stage. Nevertheless, their latest album is another small masterpiece out of Reutlingen. Check the review.

Italian Doom giants Humulus release their latest album on 11-11-23
Heavystoned Albums · 14-10-2023
I saw them in 2022 on 17 years of SOL and it was like a buffet with a lot styles which didn´t fit together. "Flowers of Death" is way more homogeneous and an organic whole.

Swedish Psych Rockers NEPAL DEATH Drop Official Music Video For 'Sister Nirvana´
Heavystoned Albums · 14-10-2023
The press text sounds as weird as the video looks like. "Nepal Death is like a transcendent 1972 VW bus voyage along The Hippie Trail. This Swedish musical collective is painting a vibrant auditory tapestry reminiscent of the era of free love, all set against the mysterious backdrop of death goddess Kali Ma. Their music beckons listeners to ­c­ontemplate the metamorphosis (or end) that await them beyond the ultimate destination of Kathmandu."

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